Hello, 2019.

Happy New Year, my dears! It is January 1, and really, the perfect time to write a new blog post. Admittedly, I haven’t been updating this space for the most of 2018, which is kind of sad. I miss writing. But as you know, I’ve been spending most of my time working on my YouTube channel, which is why I’ve been posting mostly videos over here. If you prefer reading to watching videos, then I apologize. I really do wish I can find the time and capabilities to do both. Add being a full-time mom and television travel host to the picture, and really, there’s barely enough time to sleep!

Anyway, I wanted to start the year right by updating my blog. I feel compelled to write because (a) its a brand new year and it’s brimming with opportunities, (b) I didn’t want to miss out of my yearly tradition of sharing my resolutions for the New Year, and (c) I really miss writing (as I mentioned above).

So, let’s get to it. Here are my resolutions for this wonderful year that is 2019 (I’m claiming it). I’ve come up with different facets of what I hope this year will be. I am hopeful and optimistic that I’ll be able to do all of these and more, as I strive to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, and human being this year.

(1) This is the year of saving. So, I’ve realized 2018 was all about mindless spending. I usually shop to fill a void, when I feel any sort of emotional high/low, or when I’m bored. (Online) shopping has been my escape, and whenever possible I try to look for the best deals, best buys, best everything. I’ve bought quite a few items that I absolutely love though, and do not regret purchasing. But there are also a lot of fillers or in-betweeners that I wasn’t too crazy about, but bought it anyway because it was on sale. And so, after going through the ups and downs of my shopping escapade, I’ve decided this year will be the year of saving. No more shopping when I’m bored, stuck in traffic, breastfeeding, etc. I will only buy what I absolutely love and use it until it breaks, which is really how it’s supposed to be. I’ve challenged myself to save an x-amount by the end of the year (I’m thinking I will share this in another blog post), and I really believe I will achieve this goal.

(2) This is the year of mindfulness. I think its high time I stop my attitude of going with the flow and really have a goal and purpose for my actions. For so many years I’ve allowed myself to be on auto-pilot as a way to cope or not be involved, and really it just feels empty and numb. I feel like in a way I’ve woken up from my dream-like state and decided to be purposeful and goal-oriented. Our everyday actions should be towards a goal, and that is exactly what I aim to do this year. Being mindful and purposeful with everything I do, while, of course, making sure I remain a happy, positive person is what this year will be all about.

(3) This is the year of being present. This goes hand in hand with being mindful. I think allowing myself to really feel and be in the moment, focusing my energies on the positive things that happen during the day and finding ways to contribute to that happy energy is what I hope to learn this year.

(4) This is the year of minimalism. I’ve discovered minimalism in one of the channels that popped on my feed in YouTube a few months back. And while I haven’t fully embraced it, I am definitely warming up to the idea. Buying/using only what you need and letting go of everything else seems like the farthest thing from who I am (I have been known to be a packrat, and keep A LOT of things, just in case). But ever since I started a closet sale account in Instagram and began earning money from the things I no longer use, well, I’ve never been happier. My closet is less cluttered, I can finally see all the things I love and want to use, and I get to earn a little money on the side. Of course, minimalism means different things to different people, but I am willing to explore what kind of minimalist I will become this year.

(5) This is the year of hardwork. There’s really nothing quite like good ol’ hardwork. The Virgo in me ensures I push on with this, as I feel I am never really not working. But perhaps working towards a goal or a specific passion project will ensure I achieve my goals this year. I plan to continue working on my YouTube channel, hopefully getting better and faster at editing, while not neglecting this space. There is plenty of work to be done, no doubt about it, but I am excited to take on this challenge.

(6) This is the year of learning. We never really stop learning, right? Well, this year I plan to continue learning new things and exploring opportunities. I don’t ever want to get to a point where I am closed up and simply tired to know/learn new things. I think constantly improving ourselves in order to become our best versions is something we should strive for.

(7) This is the year of sharing. There are many ways we can share this year–it can be our time, efforts, talent, or money. By helping others, we end up building relationships, meeting new people, and ultimately we open new doors to exciting opportunities. And sometimes a simple act or favor on our part can mean the world to another person, so yes, sharing is truly caring.

(8) This is the year of family. As it is every year, family comes first! Although I get incredibly busy through the year I never forget who I am doing it for. It is really all for them!

That’s it! Gosh, I don’t think I’ve written a blog post like this in a very long time! I’ve missed it. I hope you’re all having an incredible holiday season. And in a way, my wish is that I inspire you to make this your best year, ever! As I plan to make it mine, too!

Happy New Year folks! xo

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