How we are sparking Tristan’s curiosity and creativity with slime

I have to admit, I never realized how big slime is here in the Philippines until I attended Slime Time by Elmer’s Glue with Tristan. It is hugely popular in our country, and as I discovered, all around the world, too! It made me wonder why I wasn’t aware of this, and I was all kinds of amazed to find out how creative kids could get when it comes to creating slime.

I mean, just the fact that you can make more than one kind of slime amazes me. Apart from the many different colors you can create, you can play around with texture, consistency and even add effects to it. For instance, there’s glow in the dark slime, crunchy slime, glitter or metallic slime, and even magnetic slime! The best part: we all got to learn how to make each one in a matter of a few hours. How fun!

It was really more like a slime workshop than anything else, as we had different slime experts teach us how to make all kinds of slime. Everyone had access to a workstation complete with all the materials we needed to create slime, and we simply followed step-by-step instructions that even a toddler can follow.

To be honest, I was a little hesitant if Tristan could follow, but to my amazement, he listened to instructions and was very determined to do things himself. That’s when I realized there is more to slime than its gooey consistency–making slime actually sparks curiosity and creativity in kids. I mean, if you think of it, it is similar to baking or cooking as you will need complete ingredients to start, there are specific instructions to follow to get the right texture and consistency, and there is always room for improvement and creativity to make that slime your very own.

All this was made possible thanks to Elmer’s Glue, because it offers a huge range of products that can be used to make specific kinds of slime. I mean, we all grew up with Elmer’s Glue and are familiar with the white tube and orange cap. But these days, they have all kinds of cool glue to choose from–colored ones, glow in the dark ones, metallic or glitter ones, and many more. I was seriously so happy to get to re-connect to a brand I’ve known and loved as a child. And to find out that Tristan will be getting the same joy from Elmer’s Glue made me doubly happy.

If you’re interested to see more from this super cool event, check out my VLOG! You can scroll to 13:46 if you want to go straight to that part. xo

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