Lunch at Sands Restaurant in Discovery Shores Boracay

Apart from its stunning beaches (think: the most incredible crystal blue waters and super-fine white sand), Boracay is also known for its diverse food offerings. Really, a trip to our favorite island wouldn’t be complete without dining in our favorite restaurants and ordering our go-to dishes. And lucky us, Boracay caters to every discerning taste out there, as we have a slew of options that range from home-cooked Filipino dishes, Italian favorites like pizza and pasta, Spanish tapas and paella, Japanese, Korean, and many more.

One particular restaurant we always come back to is located in Discovery Shores Boracay, one of the best resorts in the island. It is called SANDS Restaurant, and for me, their dishes never fail to impress. One of the things I love about this resto is that my favorite comfort dishes are cooked right, and well. You know how sometimes you just want Lechon Kawali made with super crispy skin with tasty fat and tender meat? Well, they do it right, every single time. Or how you’re craving for Bacolod Beef Kansi with the sour, acidic soup and the softest meat paired with a healthy offering of veggies? You can get it here, in generous portions. Or you simply want your favorites like Clam Tinola, Chicken Inasal, Beef Caldereta or fresh Alimango cooked perfectly? Seriously, Sands does all these SO WELL.

That’s what I love about Sands Restaurant–it has a variety of choices from well-loved Filipino dishes to international cuisine like burgers, pizza and sandwiches. They also have Korean, Chinese and Pan Asian dishes to offer, and really, it gives me so much joy to share that these are all done so well every single time.

When my little family and I stayed at Discovery Shores Boracay we ate like kings, and we were so happy with our dining experience at Sands Restaurant. Of course, our days started with them as we would have breakfast at the restaurant. Then, we would plan out whether we would have lunch or dinner at Sands, which was always the most convenient choice especially as we were coming from the beach so hungry.

Oh, and one more thing: Tristan absolutely loved their Kids’ Menu! We would order this in advance and decide whether to eat it in the room, the restaurant or at the beach. The staff of Discovery Shores Boracay are, of course, so accommodating they would always set up our meals for us wherever we want it. Man, every time we go to Discovery Shores Boracay we are just so spoiled!

Lastly, if you are with a big group, ask about their boodle fight options! I love a good boodle fight, and it is especially delicious when served at the beach. We weren’t able to try this the last time we were there, but I would absolutely love to, especially if I had my entire family with me or a bunch of my friends. I’ve heard so many good things about it, and it comes highly recommended.

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