Eat, Drink, and Be Married – Season 2, Episode 1

Hello everyone! We’ve made it to Season 2!!! These crazy ladies and I (aka Patty Laurel-Filart, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and myself) have a fresh batch of topics for you that covers everything from pursuing your dreams, discovering new things about yourself, going through the ups and downs of your relationship and raising little humans. Click on to to watch the latest episodes and stay tuned for more to come (a new episode is uploaded every week). For those of you who cant wait to watch our first episode, here it is!❤

Vested interest

img_1902img_1886img_1892  img_1895

I love the high-low effect of this outfit. The dress and long vest are from Shop 5 Minutes (IG account: @shop5minutes), the wedges from Aerosoles and gold necklace from Mango. I wore this for my lifestyle/travel show: Trending Now when we featured Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas.❤

#PHPlayDate for Alonzo and Luis


The Baby Barangay had so much fun celebrating the birthdays of Alonzo and Luis last September, and we have the photos to prove it (thank you to Patty for taking all these happy photos for us). The playdate/birthday blowout was organized by the wonderful people of PANCAKE HOUSE who really went all out to make sure our chaotic group had a blast.

The babies and kids definitely had fun, because the first part of the celebration was held at Active Fun in BGC. We dove, slid and climbed along with our kiddos and seriously got the workout of our lives haha.

I’m glad we worked up an appetite because afterwards we had an amazing spread of our favorite dishes from Pancake House! From their best-selling Spaghetti and Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Salisbury Steak, Pan Fried Chicken, Pork Chop, Pancakes and their new Mac & Cheese with Chicken Tenders, everyone enjoyed this wonderful dinner. Oh, and thank you to the Ford Motors BGC for driving our families around BGC–you definitely made our lives easier (no need to worry about parking). Let’s do this again, Pancake House!

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Unique as We Are


As it always does, PANDORA encourages women to ponder on and celebrate their lives. This season, it does so by taking women on a journey of reflection and self-discovery with its recently launched global campaign aptly entitled, “Unique As We Are”. In collaboration with writer, editor and stylist Tata Mapa, PANDORA Philippines decided to put together a book featuring the remarkable stories of ten special women, stories that tell how these women strive to live extraordinary lives in their own ways. The stories of these ten women, though unique to them, are stories that women of all ages, cultures and beliefs can relate to. Tata Mapa affirms, “for uniqueness lies in each women, no matter who she is, and what her circumstances might be. And it is a quality the need not be manufactured or created, only discovered, honed and admired.” Featured in the book are stories of artist Valerie Chua, healing arts practitioner and teacher Tin Jacinto, broadcast journalist Mitzi Borromeo, photographer and videographer Carmen Del Prado, psychoneurologist and integrative health practitioner Lia Bernardo, author Samantha Sotto, interior designer Nina M. Sanataria, artist and writer Grace Katigbak, consultant and coach Rachel Consunji and artist and creative consultant Chi Datu-Bocobo.


I attended the book launch and as expected, I met so many wonderfully interesting women at the event. We were all there because we love Pandora and what the brand represents. Also, we were eager to check out its latest collection that featured vintage style designs, vivid colors and luminosity. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The newest collection is amazing–scroll down to see for yourself.

img_1551img_1559img_1565 img_1569img_1561       img_1584img_1587 img_1595img_1597   img_1612 img_1574   img_1576 img_1529img_1531  img_1524img_1518img_1541img_1535img_1533 img_1527img_1601img_1603

Butterfly Twists Weekend Getaway


I am all for relaxing weekends, especially when they’re with my favorite group of ladies and their wonderful families. The Baby Barangay was recently invited to a Tagaytay getaway, which everyone (including our hubbies, babies and yayas) enjoyed. I loved that it was hosted by one of my favorite footwear brands: Butterfly Twists.

I am such a fan of their flats–they are super soft and comfortable. Seriously, when I wear them I feel like I’m walking on clouds (amazingly, the reason why they are so soft is because the shoes are lined with memory foam). Plus, they are foldable too, which make them your perfect travel companions. All you have to do is stick a pair in your purse and whip them out when your not-so-comfortable shoes are starting to hurt your feet. Personally, I don’t see the need for this as I would just wear my Butterfly Twists all-day. But for those of you who need to wear heels (especially all you working moms), this is a great option for you.

So we were all booked at the stylish and chic Domicillo Hotel in Tagaytay. I absolutely love this boutique hotel’s modern-industrial feel. The hotel is a passion project of handicraft designer and exporter Rene Alcala and was designed by Budji Layug, which explains why everything is so tastefully done. And it only has eight rooms, which was perfect because we had the whole place to ourselves.

img_0800This lovely view greeted us upon arrival. Taal Lake is truly a majestic view.

img_0863Tristan had just learned to walk without any help that week so that was pretty much all he did that weekend.

img_0888Father and son moment.

img_0849Hello, Theo!

img_0926These two are just too adorable.

img_0896Love this momma right here, and of course, her little boy too!

img_0806What a view! This was at the roof deck of Domicillo Hotel.

img_0866The kids discover their shadows and were all too amazed when Carlos showed them different shadow animals.

img_0837Too cute, Juano!

img_0875These two were inseparable.

img_0923Lovely Cat and Nara.

img_0815Patty and Theo. The little guy was enjoying the electric fan haha. Simple joys.


img_0846Our little ball of energy, Theo!

img_0916Nara gives us a smile.

img_0901My Baby Barangay mommas with the babies. Nicole couldn’t join us this trip as she was down with the flu.

img_0937Our lovely room, and look, a paper bag from Butterfly Twists!

img_0947A room with a view.

img_0964So I couldn’t wait to try out my Butterfly Twists flats! Love them!

img_0985Next on the agenda, a relaxing massage at Qi Wellness Living, just next door to Domicillo Hotel.

img_1006Obviously happy to be there.

img_1012A trip to the spa wouldn’t be complete without a pot of tea.

img_1026My Baby Barangay girls and I love our Butterfly Twists!

img_0990This view never gets old.

img_1029We all loved our massages at Qi, thank you Butterfly Twists!

img_1073After our massages, we attended an arts and crafts class.

img_1060We were so inspired to paint and create!

img_1050We learned how to paint and decorate these plates. It was so much fun!

img_1071We all had an awesome time!

img_1092For dinner, we headed over to Antonio’s. The Lanai Lounge offers delicious cocktails–we had a few drinks before dinner.

img_1094Love the chandeliers at Antonio’s.

img_1114The menu specially made by Butterfly Twists for the Baby Barangay.

img_1120Carl and Cat.

img_1140This drink was just wow. If only I can remember the name! Haha.

img_1117The Pats.

img_1143Organic greens.

img_1128My little family.   img_1147A must-order when in Antonio’s: Roasted Duck Breast with Fois Gras.

img_1127The Reinosos.

img_1134Meryll and Torto, who we invited since Nicole and her family couldn’t make it.


img_1153I think we closed the place haha. We had such an amazing evening.      img_1161

Thank you, Butterfly Twists for this wonderful getaway!❤

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette


I found a new fragrance that I love: Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette. This new scent is absolutely wonderful. It is rich, woody and floral perfectly blended with a bright mandarin note. It is lighter than the original essence, but this offers alluring insight into the Gucci woman’s sensual, romantic side. I think it is a great everyday scent that’s so sexy and feminine!

The scent: Fresher and brighter, Bamboo Eau de Toilette unfolds with a new sheer sensuality. Sparkling Mediterranean citruses radiate from the top while the scent’s feminine white floral heart is illuminated with dewy petals, underscored with the lasting signature notes of the original essence.

Sicilian Bergamot and Mandarin notes are layered over crisp Pear and feminine Orange Blossom. Delicate Ylang Ylang and soft Casablanca Lily comingle at the heart, with an infusion of Jasmine petals creating a dewy floral finish. Sandalwood with refined grey Amber accord strike a complementary contrast to the inherently feminine fragrance. While the warmth of Tahitian Vanilla and pure White Musky Notes wrap the scent with a smooth creamy texture.

The flacon: The beautiful art deco lines of Gucci Bamboo are recreated with a twist to echo the new fragrance’s lightness. Cut from crystalline clear glass, the original faceted jewel bottle’s edges are gently smoothened out, the beautiful form curved to infinity effect. The scent inside is pale yellow, underscoring the softer nature of Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette. A silver metal cap crafted in the unmistakable ridges of bamboo marks the flacon with the distinguished symbol of the House. Shimmering silver interlocking Gs frame the pale pink outer carton, reflecting the bottle’s light tones.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Toilette 30ml P3950 / 50ml P4950 / 75ml P6850.

Knots & Pans


I love the concept behind Knots and Pans. The site allows you to build your entire wedding registry online from their wide selection of local and global brands (they carry more than 100 brands with over 2,000 items to choose from). And your guests can conveniently shop and have their gifts delivered to your doorstep, already gift-wrapped with a personalized notecard. Finally, a site to make life easy and convenient–for the bride and groom, and all their guests!

I mean, of course, I love buying gifts for my family and friends. But with the horrendous traffic going to the mall, to finding parking, to getting stock (I hate it when the gift I want to buy is no longer available or is at a different branch), I would rather shop online! Plus, this site offers so many amazing features, you would never want to go gift-buying in a mall again.

Things like: (1) Group-gift Options, which means guests can pitch-in for that high-value item without paying for the full price, and not needing to know who they are splitting the gift with; (2) there is a Gift Tracker, which allows couples to easily track all the gifts purchased for them by their guests and can even send back Thank-You notes for each one of them (plus, guests can also find out if their gifts have been delivered); (3) you can get a Personal Registry Assistant for couples who don’t have time to build their registry; (4) there’s an option of a Bridal Fund that allows guests to give monetary gifts for the couple’s wedding needs, honeymoon fund, and even their chosen charity; and there is also a (5) Shop For Yourself button so guests can enjoy the same things they bought for their married friends.

So I found out about this site from my Baby Barangay gals, Patty Laurel-Filart, Cat Juan-Ledesma and Bianca Santiago-Reinoso who attended the launch (Patty hosted the program). I wasn’t able to go because Tristan was sick that day but I couldn’t resist not sharing as I loved the idea of a convenient wedding registry for both the couple and all their guests. This is seriously the best thing ever! Please tell your family and friends about this so they don’t have to go through the trouble to going to a mall to start a wedding registry. And imagine the convenience of their guests! This is the best idea ever: go to to see the site for yourself. Oh, and scroll the photos to see what happened at their super fun event (which I am so sad to have missed).

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Back to school

img_0598img_0621img_0673img_0763img_0718img_0708       img_0623           img_0750img_0658img_0698

One of the highlights of our Dumaguete trip was a visit to Silliman University. My aunt (who was traveling with us along with her husband, and my mom and dad) wanted to see the school so we all drove there on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, there were no classes so we had the entire place to ourselves. Carlos and I couldn’t stop taking photos, especially since our little guy was so excited to be able to run wild and free. I loved the wide open spaces, the huge acacia trees and the century-old buildings.

I wore an easy grey dress from Shop 5 Minutes (IG account: @shop5minutes), ballet flats from Crane (@craneboutique) and a leather fringed backpack from Rebecca Minkoff.❤ While Tristan wore a t-shirt from Gingersnaps, denim shorts from Debenhams, a bib from Littlest Setter (@littlestsetter) and flip-flops from Havaianas.

Hey Jow! x Sheila Catilo


This has got to be one of the prettiest collections I’ve seen in a long time. It is a collaboration by one of my favorite local jewelry brands, Hey Jow! and Sheila Catilo, who is a good friend, super photographer, momma of three, and now a jewelry designer (so proud of this lady). The pieces are delicate and beautiful, and most importantly, so wearable! You can layer these on and or wear them one at a time (she has created quite a few statement necklaces) to dress up your everyday outfits. Here are photos from an intimate shopping party that Joana (the genius behind Hey Jow!) and Sheila hosted for a few friends at Coco Nails in Madison Galleries in Alabang Hills. You can order this limited collection online thru!❤

20160905_0383-1024x68320160905_025520160905_0196-1024x683   20160905_0260-1024x68020160905_0244 20160905_0647-1024x683    20160905_0425-1024x683   20160905_0386 20160905_0712-1024x68320160905_0662-1024x68320160905_011820160905_037320160817_0458-1024x68320160817_068620160817_1165-1024x683

Going all-natural with Belo Baby


A few days ago, a friend and I got to talking about how we can make more natural choices, especially when it comes to our babies. We ended up having a long and interesting conversation on what we are currently doing to make our households more wholesome, including what we can improve on and how far we are willing to go to be all-natural. We tackled breastfeeding, buying organic fruits and vegetables, choosing free-range chicken and/or grass-fed beef, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, using all-natural personal care and baby products, and switching to wooden toys.

I have to admit, I never really thought about these things when I got pregnant. I thought I knew everything there was to know based on the books I read and how I was raised. Then, I gave birth to Tristan, and nothing seemed good enough for my baby. I started reading the labels of his baby products and got acquainted with the names of harmful ingredients that surprisingly manage to make its way into our everyday products. I could not believe it, and I could not imagine using them on my clean and pure baby. I watched out for ingredients like SLS, sulfates, sodium tallowate, tetrasodium, etidronate, EDTA parabens, phthalates, DEA, triclosan, synthetic preservatives, paraffin, petrochemicals and common allergens, which are so common and are actually harmful, especially when used everyday.


I switched from product to product, until I found a baby line that is completely all-natural and contains awesome ingredients like Cocoa Butter (to protect skin from the outside by strengthening and moisturizing it), Shea Butter (to protect, nourish and moisturize skin and heals common skin conditions like eczema and diaper rash), and Sweet Almond Oil (to exfoliate skin and lock in moisture). This is, of course, Belo Baby products. I’ve been raving about their line of products for a couple of months now (read about my review on their Hair and Body Wash, Bar Soap and Face and Body Lotion HERE) and I’ve been recommending it to all my pregnant and mom friends ever since I started using it.


Having a baby changed me so much, and all for the better. I now strive to be healthier, and I try to make wholesome, organic and all-natural choices everyday. What about you, mommies and daddies? What changes have you made when you became parents? Share your stories in the comments section!❤

Photos by Zeus Martinez of Life by Ohana