My version of sporty

As far as I can remember, I’ve never been a fan of sporty clothing. It might be because I never really got into any specific sport when I was growing up so I always felt like an imposter whenever I would attempt to wear anything with a sports logo on it. So that’s why this is the sportiest you’ll ever see me (I know, I am still wearing a dress). This dress from High Street by H2M (follow them on IG: @highstreetbyH2M) is super stretchy and comfortable. It is perfect worn with these white sneakers from Gola and a neoprene jacket I got from Korea (brand is TopTEN). Oh, and I wore a little tank top under the dress for modesty sake–I think it gave the dress a sporty vibe so it worked.

Saturday in the park

If there’s one thing I miss about Amsterdam, it’s the wonderful parks! My family and I loved spending our afternoons here, eating and relaxing, dog/duck/people-watching, and just letting our son Tristan run and play. We don’t have this in Manila (we just have a lot of malls), which is why we made the most of it, and spent practically all our free time in parks. Here is one gorgeous day when we took lots of photos! ❤


Singapore, every foodie’s haven


Why is it that when someone mentions Singapore, I immediately think of food (haha, I’m sure I am not the only here)?! I seriously gave it some thought the other day and realized, I can’t help myself. Some of my most favorite food can only be found there, and I literally start salivating at the thought of chili crab, chicken rice, cereal prawns, fried rice and ice kacang. I can eat all that everyday for a month straight and I don’t think I will ever tire of it! Ahhhh, soooo good!

So of course, there is more to Singapore than the dishes I just mentioned. After all, the city is a foodie haven, which explains why so many people go back, because (1) they want to discover more delicious eats and (2) they want to revisit their old favorites. I did both during our last trip, and boy, did I eat well. Thankfully, I did a lot of walking to counter all the eating I did and Tristan still breastfeeds so all the food went to him. Needless to say, my family and I had an amazing time discovering what Singapore had to offer, especially as this time we ate our way through this wonderful city. To those of you who are curious about where we ate, well, here is a short list of restaurants for you to visit. Dining in Singapore is always such an incredible experience–we absolutely loved the restos we tried and I am pretty sure your tummies will be just as happy as ours after you’ve given these a go.

1.) Open Farm Community. This open-concept kitchen and restaurant brings something new to the table as it serves locally sourced, seasonal and innovative dishes that is a feast to the senses. This was the first restaurant we tried as soon as we landed and I was impressed. We had such a delicious meal made from freshly harvested ingredients–we really enjoyed our lunch! What I love about this concept resto is it is more than your typical dining experience. It is a place where families can come together and explore the many facets of food through art, tours of the vegetable and fruit orchards, talks, gardening workshops and many more. It promotes an edible garden city where you can grow your own food and eat locally-produced, super fresh ingredients. The dishes that arrived were innovative and new, but at the same time familiar and comforting. This is a must-visit when in Singapore. What to order: Smoked paprika buttered sweet corn with salted caramel popcorn and chimichurri; Saffron carnaroli risotto, chorizo, cuttlefish, green peas, crisp Serrano and ebb; and Spiced pumpkin cake, butternut ice cream, gula melaka jelly with garden herbs. 

img_2345img_2349img_2382img_2393img_2383img_2357img_2385img_2402 img_2325img_2330img_2362img_2336

2.) Satay by the Bay. This is where I found my Singaporean favorites! Satay by the Bay features many different tasty stalls that serve delicious but inexpensive Singaporean cuisine. These are usually cooked in front of you, fresh off the grill and the dishes here are certified crowd-pleasers. The area is open-air and has a very casual dining layout, but the food is hard to beat. You can get all your faves in one area, which is probably the best thing about it.There is no air-conditioning, which can be very hot at times, but like I said the food makes up for it. What to order: Chicken Satay, Oatmeal Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken Rice. 

img_2582img_2587img_2592 img_2593img_2586img_2589img_2600

3.) National Kitchen by Violet Oon. This was definitely a treat for us–to try authentic Nyonya cuisine that wonderfully reflects Singapore’s colorful culinary heritage. We had an amazing time discovering one tasty dish after the other, and in the end I became a fan of this cuisine. I love that in some ways it is similar to Filipino food, and in others, it is completely different. The dishes are authentic and delicious, and I was assured, were made without shortcuts or compromises. Violet herself was there to introduce each dish to us, and we were honored to have her host our lunch. What a revelation–this is comfort food at its best, but with chic interiors and gorgeous ambiance! What to order: Tau Hu Goreng (fried bean curd on a bed of julienned cucumber and fresh beansprouts topped with Violet’s signature sweet and tangy peanut sauce), Ikan Goreng Chilli (fried red snapper topped with a spicy fragrant chilli paid garlic rempah), and Beef Rendang (tender beef shin braised in a melange of spices flavored with kaffir and bay leaves in a creamy coconut sauce). Another option is to come in after lunch for Afternoon Tea–the restaurant serves a great selection of savory mini sandwiches and buns and plenty of sweet desserts.

img_3740 img_3799img_3742           img_3757                img_3774 img_3777 img_3744img_3779 img_3780     img_3751img_3770   img_3755img_3783img_3811img_3812img_3752img_3816img_3821

Mom uniform


To be honest, since becoming a mom, I’m allowed less and less time to get ready in the morning. And so instead of being forced to leave the house wearing mismatched, hurried outfits, I’ve made a section in my closet where I put all my no-brainer “mom uniforms”. This dress from Shop 5 Minutes (follow them on IG: @shop5minutes) is one of them. Not only is it super comfortable, it hides all the spills and littles messes I get from taking care of a toddler. I wore it with these comfy leather sandals from Tres Shoes (IG: @tresshoesph) and a stylish diaper backpack from Charlie Baby (IG: @charliebabyPH). Problem solved!

Nomo Soho

What a gorgeous hotel! My little family and I had the privilege of staying here while we were in New York for a DOVE global event and I have to say, WOW. NoMo SoHo offers truly luxurious accommodations with a great mix of vintage chic and cutting-edge designs that all spelled cool. Seriously, we felt cool just by staying there, but what was memorable to me was the amazing bed, the incredible food from NoMo Kitchen Restaurant and the ultra chic interiors. The reason why the hotel looks so good? Well for one, it was shaped by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz’ provocative design based on Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film “La Belle et la Bête,” (that’s Beauty and the Beast). And, combined with the cast-iron and cobblestone authenticity of SoHo, and the fashion and culture of the digital age, and you get a fresh and vibrant hotel that is NoMo SoHo.

I think the best thing about this boutique hotel is the location. It is literally just a couple of steps from top shopping brands, boutiques and art galleries, and near New York’s key cultural attractions, like the Lower East Side, New Museum, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy and the Meat Packing District. We really got to enjoy the best of New York City, thanks to our wonderful stay at NoMo SoHo.