Product review: uPang UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

I’ve been breastfeeding my son for two years now, and so far, he is showing no signs of weaning. He still direct latches, but since he eats solid meals he feeds only when he wants to cuddle, relax and sleep. To be honest, this is quite a long extension as I promised myself I would only BF until Tristan turned one. But when the time came, I just couldn’t do it, and said I would wait until he is two. Well, now that he is two and I can see what good it is doing for his overall health (my little guy rarely gets sick, and when he does he is back on his feet after a few days), I’ve decided to wait until he self-weans, which I am hoping will be within the year. Crossing my fingers it will happens soon, but at the same time I am perfectly okay with extending it (mixed emotions here).

Come to think of it, I haven’t really encountered any problems with breastfeeding my son. Well, except for one thing: it is such a pain to sterilize all the attachments of my breast pump, including all the containers where I store my milk! Really, this is the only struggle I’ve had to deal with, especially in the beginning when I was learning the ropes of BF and motherhood. I’ve had such a horrible time with my old electric sterilizer as I’ve been burned by scalding hot water many, many times before (especially during those no sleep days). Apart from that, I’ve had to deal with wet bottles, attachments, and feeding bowls/cutlery, which don’t really feel very sterile. The appliance itself seems unclean, as the inside is constantly wet, and needs to washed a few times during the day. That thing was messy, burning hot, and always dirty (you could see mineral deposits from the water at the bottom after each sterilization).

Well, that is all in the past now, because I now have my very own uPang UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this wonder appliance. It answers all my past problems about sterilizing, and now I actually enjoy doing it. It is so simple and easy, a toddler can do it (of course, I wont allow him to do it, but you know what I mean). The straightforward design is fool-proof, and really, all you have to do is place the baby bottles, breast pump attachments, toys, teethers, feeding bowls and utensils, water bottles, etc. inside and let it kill all the nasty germs, viruses, and impurities. uPang is the only Korean brand UV Sterilizer that passed Europe S Mark Certification for Baby Bottle Sterilization (instead of just Kitchenware Sterilization), it is FDA registered as a medical device product and is acknowledged in six other health organizations around the world.

Now, I’m sure you want to know more about this appliance, that’s why I am giving you seven reasons why you need a uPANG UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer in your life.

1.) It uses amazing UV technology to sterilize. uPang utilizes Philips UV Purification Lamp Technology which can effectively kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria. This beats my messy sterilizing steamer by a 100x! Everything inside is surely sterilized, it doesn’t matter if the items are wet or dry, you wont have to think twice about it.

2.) You have sterilizing options. There are three button functions: Auto, UV Sterilization and Ventilation. The AUTO mode (dry + sterilize) makes life easy–all the things inside are dried and sterilized, which means you don’t need to wait for them to dry. I usually just leave the sterilized items inside the uPang UV Sterilizer, with a note that says, STERILIZED. This way, I don’t need to store them and worry about dust.

3.) Its design efficiently sterilizes. It comes with a five-sided High Quality Super-Mirror 304 Stainless Steel with 1-sided UV High Reflective Glass Panel to ensure 360 degrees of effective reflection of UV light penetration. The sterilizer has no plastic surfaces on its inside walls including the back panel on the back of the door, which means there is no dead angle as plastic cannot reflect UV light.

4.) It is super light and comes in bright and fun colors. The UV sterilizer itself weighs only 5kg, has only three buttons to press and comes in Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, and Yellow. I love my green uPang UV Sterilizer!

5.) It is super safe and no more scalding yourself. uPang UV Sterilizer uses Infrared Light Low Temperature Drying at a controlled 40 degrees celsius. This means it never overheats and minimizes the likelihood of burning yourself (unlike the steamer/sterilizer). Also, if you think about it, high heat can ultimately damage plastic products. So using this UV sterilizer will ensure your baby products last longer.

6.) It can fit plenty of bottles in there, so there are less batches to sterilize. I counted and it can fit about 14 bottles in there. But since Tristan direct feeds and drinks from the glass/waterbottle, I sterilize his feeding products and cutlery instead.

7.) You can use it even after your baby grows up. I love that I can put other things in there for sterilization. Things like Tristan’s toys, remote controls, our mobile phones, gadgets, etc are safe to sterilize in the uPang UV Sterilizer. I really cant imagine my home without it!

If you still don’t have a sterilizer and are expecting, well, I suggest you get this (or put it on your baby shower registry). It will surely be put to good use, as it effectively kills germs and harmful bacteria. ❤  

Why I love Pampers Premium Care Diapers

Like any first-time mom, I went through practically all the baby brands out there to discover what works best for my little boy. Looking back, I went through soooo many products! From pregnancy to birth, my ‘essentials’ list was extra long, but in time I was able to decipher which ones were really needed and which ones were just extra. And these were just mommy/newborn brands! I went through more baby products for Tristan’s first year, until I finally decided to stick to my tried and tested brands that I remain loyal to. It was a long and arduous process of trial and error, but I guess all of that comes with being a mommy. We want the best for our babies, and we wont stop until we’ve found the most effective products for our kids.

When it comes to diapers, well, I couldn’t have found a more perfect brand. I actually discovered Pampers Premium Care when my family was on vacation and I needed to buy diapers for Tristan. The name called out to me in the grocery store, and as soon as I tried it, I was sold. These were absolutely the best diapers I have ever tried, and I never looked back since. When we got back to Manila, I made sure to make the switch and I immediately looked for Pampers Premium Care. I was ecstatic to find out it was available in my favorite grocery stores and the rest is history. I’ve been using it on Tristan ever since.

That’s why I am sooooo happy, thrilled and excited to be part of the Pampers Premium Care family. I have been invited to endorse this amazing brand, along with lovely mommas Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles and Cat Arambulo-Antonio. Together with our kiddos, we have been spreading the word about the best diaper you can ever buy, which is, of course, Pampers Premium Care.

Let me share with you five reasons why it is indeed THE BEST DIAPER IN THE WORLD (in my opinion).

1.) Keeps baby’s sensitive skin dry all night long. I remember the first time Tristan got a diaper rash. It was red and painful, and he cried non-stop whenever we would change his nappies. I kept trying different solutions to prevent it, including a slew of diaper rash creams. Then it hit me, it must be his diaper that is causing all this! True enough, when I switched my baby never got a rash again. It is because Pampers Premium Care diapers have a special Absorb Away Liner built in, which pulls wetness and diaper mess away from baby’s skin. This allows my Tristan to stay dry thoughout the night, so we never have to worry about rashes.

2.) Hypoallergenic, made from super soft material and is soooo thin. This is definitely the thinnest and lightest diaper I have ever used on Tristan. At first I thought, there was no way this would be able to hold all the wee and poo of my baby, until I saw it for myself. It truly is effective! More importantly, it is hypoallergenic which means it is less likely to cause skin irritation on baby’s skin. And it is so soft, it has a silky feel that most diapers do not have.

3.) Made with amazing Japanese technology. Most mommies don’t know that Pampers Premium Care is actually made is Japan! It is no big secret that the best diapers are made there, and this is no exception. The Japanese really do have a way of making the best products and this diaper is proudly Japan-made.

4.) Does not leak or sag. It is the only diaper I know that never leaks, even after Tristan had an extra big meal. My little boy is able to fill a diaper like no other, and we never had a problem with diaper spillage. The secret is in the Magic Gel Channels, that is able to absorb efficiently and distribute wetness better than any diaper. I know this for a fact, as I use this on Tristan everyday. It works, and this diaper never sags or gets deformed.

5.) Materials used are environmentally-friendly. Yay! Finally, disposable diapers that are good to our planet. Pampers Premium Care is made with biodegradable materials so you wont have to feel guilty about using this on your baby. The Magic Gel they use on the diapers are actually edible–it is that environmentally-friendly!


I couldn’t be happier to endorse this brand to you mommies out there. This is the best diaper brand I have come across, and you really won’t have to worry about leakage, spillage, diaper rash, and sagging diapers. Try Pampers Premium Care for yourself and see the difference!

Quisinera by Quisina

To all you busy working mommas out there, this is for you! I wanted to share with you my secret weapon for easy cooking and meal planning. Allow me to introduce QUISINERA by Quisina, a business I support and love. ❤

So, Quisina is short for ‘quick in the kusina‘, and the homegrown brand provides real home-cooked food with minimal planning, prepping and clean-up while ensuring their food is healthy and delicious. I’ve ordered a couple of times from them already, and so far, they have never failed me. Their food is always fresh, tasty and made with choice ingredients. It is a home cooked meal delivered to your doorstep, which is really ideal for every home.

Now, Quisina recently launched their advocacy line, QUISINERA. And the story behind it is: everyday people who have exceptional dishes are given a platform to share their craft and build their lives. What happens is, Quisina funds the cooking, ensures the quality of the ingredients (to maintain the integrity of the brand), develops the branding, and handles the marketing of the products. Then after the sales, the profit is shared with the kusineras. I couldn’t help but feel happy about this line (we need more businesses like this in our country), and I immediately ordered to be able to support it and taste these yummy dishes for myself.

I was not wrong to give it a try. Their dishes are absolutely amazing! Actually, their number is on my refrigerator so my home can easily call them when we need extra food in a jiffy. I call them when we have out-of-town trips, parties at home, or I simply do not want to cook a meal from scratch.

Currently, the brand is working with house helpers and other low-income individuals. More than the profit they share to the Quisineras they partner with, they give greater importance to reviving the can-do feeling that a lot of them have lost because of the hardships in life they experienced. Quisina wants to remind them that they, through their cooking skills, have the abilities to rise above the challenges with Quisinera as their platform.

Quisinera by Quisina only started this March, but from what I was told the response has been overwhelmingly positive. They hope to reach more people to share the food these wonderful people make and be able to help them in the process. You’ll be able to see the stories of the people who made the recipes on the packaging of the dishes you order. I love that they’ve kept this connection so that we get to know the people who made the delicious dishes we enjoy.


For orders, call QUISINA PH at +63917 814 4342 or email 

Burt’s Bees Lipstick x Manila House

I have always been a fan of Burt’s Bees. I discovered it back in high school and since then I just could not live without it. Until now, I still carry the small yellow tin of minty moisturizing lip balm with me in my purse, as it does the job to keep my lips chap-free. Apart from this, I also love their moisturizing lip tints, and now I am obsessed over their gorgeous moisturizing lipsticks!!!

As expected from the brand, Burt’s Bees lipsticks combine intense color and conditioning 8-hour moisture–something you don’t get in most lipsticks. These are full-coverage, and deliver vibrant color in 18 shades. I love that they’re made with 100% naturally moisturizing ingredients like moringa and raspberry seed oils, as these are known to help soften and condition lips all day long (in case you didn’t know, Moringa Oil is full of essential fatty acids that help soften and condition skin, while Raspberry Seed Oil improves skin elasticity, keeping your lips feeling supple and smooth). It really is a dream lipstick–what I like about it is that it delivers a smooth, satin finish that is great for everyday wear.


So of course, I had to attend the launch. I went with my Baby Barangay ladies, Bianca and Nicole and we all enjoyed an amazing feast at Manila House. Apart from trying on different shades, I ended up exploring the gorgeous venue. Apparently, you can also do your home shopping here as they sell one-of-a-kind plates, cutlery, wine and water glasses, and art! If you haven’t been, it is time to schedule a date–the place is decked out in fabulous furniture, noteworthy art, and oh, the food is excellent.