Summer white


I’ve been happily living in shift dresses these past few months–they’re effortless and cool (literally, they’ve been helping me beat the heat this summer), and they fit me so well (I am now 33 weeks into my pregnancy). This white shift dress from Promod is a new favorite. I imagine I’ll be using this after I give birth, which is a huge plus for me. I wore this dress with a necklace and leather tote bag (both also from Promod), a leather strap watch from Esprit Timepieces and super comfy flats from Butterfly Twists. This outfit may as well be my everyday uniform, I can wear it to my meetings, shoots and events.

CONTEST ALERT: Butterfly Twists’s contest is still ongoing!

Head on to Butterfly Twist’s Facebook page (, share the video of your choice and tell us why you relate to it the most. Don’t forget to set your post to public tag Butterfly Twists Philippines and use the hashtag #AnytimeAnywhereWithBTPH. The top four (4) entries will get awesome prizes at the end of the month so share away!

P.S. You can send as many entries as you want for the whole month of May. Four (4) entries will be chosen and announced at the end of the month (May 31, 2015) Follow @btwistsph on Instagram to know more about the contest.



5 thoughts on “Summer white

  1. You look fabulous! After having seven children, I’ve given up most of my whites. Kudos to you for giving it a go and best wishes on your upcoming celebration!

    1. I’m sure Ill have the same problem when my baby boy comes out. 🙂 My mommy friends live mostly in dark-colored clothes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hello Ms Kelly, again, great choices in what you are wearing. I was all about comfort; if I was lazy, it was my VS sweats- all other times it was J Crew shift dresses for me…
    A LOT of flip flops or Haviannas too, not too many flats or other shoes because my feet swelled up like sponges, lol…
    Thanks and be well Kelly !!

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