Find the perfect fit


Shopping for underwear is pretty serious stuff. I mean, of course, it is fun because there are so many colors and designs to choose from. But more than the aesthetics, our underwear has to fit, and really fit well. We wear our undies the entire day, and when we’re not comfortable we really feel it at the end of the day. If you think about it, our everyday bras and panties need to be able to support us, hug us in all the right places, and feel good against our skin (if your underwear isn’t doing any of those things, then it might be time to toss them out). Comfort and fit are non-negotiables when it comes to underwear, and I think spending a little more on this makes a world of difference. I mean, you really want quality for something you use all the time, and in the long run you save more because you don’t need to keep replacing them since they are made so well.

This couldn’t be truer for me especially now that I am breastfeeding. When I got pregnant I immediately went up a cup size, and none of my bras fit me anymore. And when I gave birth and started breastfeeding, my size went up again. I admit I’ve never had to deal with this sort of thing before because I’ve always been one size for decades. All of a sudden I needed help picking out bras, and I wasn’t sure where to turn to. It’s a good thing I remembered my friend Patty Laurel-Filart say that Marks & Spencer helped her fit and pick out the perfect bra for her size. And so I headed over there right away to get the same service.

I have always been shy about these things, but thankfully this consultation wasn’t at all awkward or weird. The saleslady was nice and accommodating, and more importantly she knew what she was doing. She measured me and revealed that I was a cup B (I had just fed Tristan), but I could easily go up to a C in about 2-3 hours (that’s the thing about breastfeeding). We looked through the available nursing bras in the store and made me try them. I found one that fit me perfectly, and would still be comfortable even if I went up a size. I bought a set of panties that would match the bra set I got and left the store happy.

I’ve since gone back to buy more and I couldn’t be happier with its comfort and quality. Breastfeeding really takes a lot out of you (literally) that you would want to be as comfortable as you can when you do it. And that little snap on contraption on each side of the bra is pure genius. I could nurse Tristan on demand without any delays. I can really say that I cannot live without my Marks & Spencer nursing bras, especially since I plan to breastfeed for a year.

For those of who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, you can totally have yourselves fitted at any Marks & Spencer store. And you can buy almost any kind of bra you can think of–I saw some pushup bras, minimizers, strapless bras, multi-way bras, sports bras, and many more. They even have thermal underwear, if you need to travel to a cold country, and super comfortable pajamas and t-shirts if you want to feel amazing at home. I gotta say, Marks & Spencer is the way to go for all things underwear.

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