Slimming sessions at Marie France


I’m officially part of the Marie France family! I’ve been going to MF for years, back when I was still a beauty editor. I used to try their newest treatments so I could write about them, which was always cool because I was one of the first to give them a go. I never really had the chance to try their slimming machines though (I didn’t need it back then); I mostly tried their hair removal and anti-pigmentation machines.

But now that I am a mommy, and don’t really have the time to go to the gym or attend yoga classes (I try to go once a week), Marie France’s slimming machines are my best options. They are non-invasive and pain-free, and you see results in just a few sessions. I’ve tried four kinds of treatments so far, and they are really working for me.

I’ll blog more about these individual treatments soon. In the meantime, let me share my first session with Marie France.


Before being hooked up to the machines, I consulted with Marie France’s resident doctor who took my height, weight, body measurements and medical history. I immediately asked if these machines are safe for breastfeeding mommies, and she assured me that yes, they are! After asking me what my goals are (overall weight loss and reducing the size of my legs and post-pregnancy tummy), I was brought to one of their private rooms so I could start my treatment.


These machines measure your height, weight and total body fat. They log in this information per session so they can see your progress and whether their machines are working for you.


These machines are called PHYSIQUE INCH-LOSS. They help firm a bulging belly and tone your abs. It builds and strengthens muscles in the abdomen, flanks, and back through Electronic Nerve Stimulation. One 15-minute session gives the same effect at 225 sit-ups, even while you are lying down. You achieve a firmer tummy and thighs without having to go through the strain and the pain.

I’ve tried this machine a couple of times and I love it. These round things are strapped on to different part of your stomach and legs and you kind of just lay there and let them do the work.


I couldn’t be happier that I am now a part of the Marie France family! The brand celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, which is a testament to how amazing they are!



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