#BabyBarangay in Amorita Bohol


Oh, AMORITA! I have heard so many great things about this resort even before the #BabyBarangay got an invitation to stay here. I have friends who described it as a beautiful resort with excellent beaches, that it was relaxing and kid-friendly, and more importantly, that it had yummy food and great service. These are definitely things to consider when choosing a resort, and my friends’ recommendations surely had me convinced that this is a place I should visit.

That’s why I was all kinds of excited when Patty shared the news in our #BabyBarangay chatroom: Amorita was inviting us to stay in their gorgeous resort for an entire weekend, and yes, everyone, including our husbands, babies and yayas, was going! You should’ve seen our thread–we were practically communicating thru emoticons! We were all looking forward to this break, and at the same time we were so grateful that our families could come along for the fun.

And as expected, this trip was one for the books! The #BabyBarangay had the best time–from our gorgeous rooms, to the amazing food, super relaxing and fun amenities and activities, and of course, beaches! We were so spoiled at Amorita and were sad to go when it was time to say goodbye. This truly is a family-friendly resort–we were treated so well, which means a lot to us mommas. Seriously, the weekend was too short for all the fun this resort has to offer, which is why we are planning another trip here soon!

There is a long list of reasons why you should stay in Amorita (read Patty’s HERE). I came up with six, which I know you moms will surely appreciate. P.S. This is a long scroll down. We took plenty of photos!

1. The ROOMS are amazing. I’ve stayed in a lot of beach resorts in the past, and before I had Tristan I used to be okay with not-so-great rooms for as long as the beach is beautiful. I said “used to” because I no longer sacrifice the room for a view–I need to have both. Our growing family needs to be comfortable, and I need to be 100% sure the rooms are fabulous before booking the flight/hotel. It has to at least be better than our bedroom, or else, what’s the point of going on vacation?

I was so happy with our room in Amorita. It was huge, super relaxing and cold (plus points for the extra cool air conditioning). We got a room with two queen-sized beds and all the basic amenities (TV, refrigerator, T&B and closet space) and we had a connecting living and dining room that we shared with Cat’s family. I loved the modern unfinished cement walls mixed with wooden furniture–it was so Pinterest-worthy, and so serene and calming. Most importantly, the beds were excellent. Tristan slept as soon as we put him down on the bed!


2. Amorita has family-friendly activities lined up for its guests. How fun! The moms were invited to a watercolor painting class at sunset, while the kids did their own finger painting class. Honestly, I never thought much about these kinds of activities before I had a baby, but now I realize these things really matter. It gives the kids something to do and allows the mommies some relaxing me-time. I mean, of course, you can totally enjoy the beach or relax by the pool. But its also nice to know there are things you can do other than swim or get a tan.


3. Their buffets are absolutely delicious. We were in Bohol after all (it is known for amazing, fresh food), so I expected nothing but the best food in Amorita. Their selection isn’t a wide as the hotels in Manila, but each dish to be outstanding and memorable. I made the most of the fresh seafood–these were so good!!!


4. You can look forward to a yummy breakfast. We really enjoyed our mornings in Amorita–our happy crew got together at around the same time (the kids pretty much have the same sleep schedule) and ate to our hearts’ content. I mean if crispy bacon isn’t enough to get you up in the morning, I don’t know what will.


5. Amorita’s pool is just gorgeous. Our families loved hanging out at the pool (I swear, it was so hard for coax our kids to get out). We could spend the whole day here, swimming, tanning, chatting and drinking. So sweet, we were even served chocolate popsicles when it got too hot! Now that’s service!

P1500605 P1500622 P1510237-1024x1024P1500623 P1510238-001


6. The entire resort is just beautiful. I was surprised with how big Amorita is–it is a huge property, with plenty of room to explore! I loved walking around the resort in the mornings with Tristan. He liked looking at the birds, trees, clear skies and the ocean!  IMG_0236IMG_0231IMG_0224 IMG_0242IMG_0249IMG_0258IMG_0260IMG_0573

TIP: When in Amorita, take plenty of photos! #BabyBarangay made sure to take family photos, c/o our resident photographer, Direk Carlo Ledesma. These are definitely memories we will remember forever!

FullSizeRender-3IMG_8836      IMG_8868      IMG_8885IMG_8879


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