VelaContour at Marie France

After regularly going to Marie France these past couple of months, I am happy to announce that I have now reached my target weight! I cannot be more thrilled about this. My weight loss has been quite a journey, as I seemed to have gained more weight when I started breastfeeding (I know, for most of you mommas it’s the opposite–most really lose weight from breastfeeding) as BF makes me so hungry all the time! It has been super difficult for me to diet as I noticed the difference with my milk supply. It is either Tristan complains that my milk doesn’t make him full or he latches on to me for a long time (there was one time he latched for an hour), which probably meant my supply wasn’t enough. I stopped dieting after those instances, and chose to eat right instead.

I made little changes here and there: opted for brown rice instead of white as well as wheat bread over white bread, lessened the butter and the cream, curbed the sweets (chocolates and sugary treats), lessened the salt and canned/preserved food, and upped the fruits and veggies. Like when I’m hungry, I go for an apple (or two) instead of chips and dip, and a salad instead of fried chicken and rice. It has been hard, but I’m seeing results so I know it is all worth it. You really do shed pounds from making good food choices. Not abruptly, of course, but you do it in a healthy way, like 2-4 pounds a week!

Of course, aside from changing my eating habits and exercising, Marie France has helped me so much! What I love about the program is it helps you lose weight but doesn’t do it drastically or painfully. There is no surgery in Marie France, nor does it allow you to go on a crash diet. Initially, they will have you consult with a doctor and even a nutritionist (if they think you need it) and they will assess your weight, check which parts need fat reduction and toning, and help you come up with a target weight. I found this method helpful, as I have a goal to reach, and it isn’t impossible. Also, their machines really help erase stubborn fat in areas that would take you years to remove.

One of my favorite machines at Marie France is the VelaContour. VelaContour uses Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS) that combines infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) together with skin contouring action through positive and negative procedures. So what the infrared light does is it increases circulation so that energy stored in fat becomes available for burning. Then, the bi-polar RF concentrates on the fatty areas pre-heated by the infrared so that it is focused only on the target area. Lastly, the positive and negative pressures stimulate connective tissues to replace fat mass with lean mass. It also improves lymphatic drainage to increase metabolism. Doesn’t it all sound so wonderful? Hahaha. And all you have to do is lie down and relax.

What makes the new VelaContour different is: (1) it has small and large applicators simultaneously attached to the machine, making it easier to treat an area alternately, (2) it uses higher power for deep tissue heating without additional skin warming, and (3) it is done only once a week and delivers fast and visible results.

Clinical studies have shown that an average circumferential reduction of 1 to 3 inches on the treated area can be expected. Aside from this, a gradual smoothening of the skin’s surface and a noticeable decrease in cellulite will also be seen. VelaContour also improves circulation and relieves muscle aches. In fact, the treatment itself is relaxing, just like a warm, deep tissue massage. Other than mild redness and a feeling of warmth on the treated areas, there is absolutely no downtime. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the VelaContour treatment.

Most patients who benefit from this new technology are mothers like me who have gained weight during pregnancy. VelaContour can help get rid of the stubborn post-pregnancy fat, cellulite and extra inches the safe and easy way.

With today’s modern technology, one does not need to go through the risks of liposuction and other forms of surgery, nor endure the pain of needles and incisions, and the hassling delay of would-healing and downtime. With VelaContour, one can easily lose the excess inches safely and effectively, with no added worries and health risks.

Call 894-2639 (BODY) today for a free consultation.


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