Natalac Feed Love


I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Tristan for 14 months now, and I have no plans of stopping just yet. I have to admit, this decision came as a surprise as it was not part of my plan. Initially, I was going to breastfeed until Tristan turned one, but as the weeks rolled by after the big day I found myself wanting to extend more and more. I didn’t expect weaning to be so difficult. Not because Tristan would not transition to formula milk, but because I couldn’t let go.

It’s funny, because I can still remember how I counted the months/weeks/days until Tristan turned one. It was a big deal for me because that was the day I would supposedly have my freedom. I thought, how nice not to feed on demand and not have to bring my baby with me wherever I go. I can wear whatever I want because my outfit doesn’t have to breastfeeding-friendly. And I can finally drink alcohol after two years!

Now that I have finally reached the one year mark, I don’t want to stop. I think about all these things that I couldn’t wait to do/not do, and they don’t seem so great anymore. I’ve been seriously questioning my decision and wonder if other nursing moms feel the same way. I cannot seem to wean myself from Tristan! I just cant, not right this moment. I see how well my baby is thriving, and our bond is so strong. Also, I cant bear the thought of not being near my son all the time, the way we are now. Especially not being there when he asks for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have the kind of work that allows me to bring my baby with me wherever I go. And I cant imagine leaving him at home when I can bring him with me.

No doubt, breastfeeding has its ups and downs. But the good far outweighs the “bad” (not being able to wear high neck tops and dresses and not being able to drink alcohol are not considered bad at all). There is nothing healthier, more nutritious and better than mother’s milk. And if I can continue breastfeeding to be able to give this to my son, then I will do it. Especially since my supply is still high, thanks to the malunggay supplement I take: Natalac.

I know I am not alone in this. There has to be other breastfeeding moms that feel as passionate about nursing as I do, or are just as clingy as I am haha. Truly, the dialogue between mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies is important because the knowledge we can gain from shared experiences can really help us in our own breastfeeding journey. That’s why I take the time to talk to other breastfeeding moms so that I can get inspired with their stories, and able to share my experiences as well.


The perfect place for sharing: inside one of Natalac’s Feed Love Pods! Natalac recently unveiled their first pod, and boy, was it a hit with the moms! It is a shared space where moms can feed love in comfort, and feel loved, too. Mommies can interact here and express support, communicate and basically be there for other moms. Inside, it is super nice! There are two big couches, and there is a TV screen where moms can watch informative breastfeeding videos (featuring me and Nicole). These videos are part of the Feed Love PodTV, and it is Natalac’s way of spreading useful information about breastfeeding to moms out there.

And with every Natalac Feed Love Pod, there is the Feed Love Wall. This is another way moms can show their support to each other by writing their own uplifting messages on a mini wall.

I couldn’t be more excited about this project by Natalac. There really aren’t enough nursing stations or family rooms in Metro Manila, and these could really help make breastfeeding more comfortable for both moms and babies. (Please install these in more public places, Natalac!)


Apart from Feed Love Pods, Natalac also launched their Feed Love Boncho. So, of course, it is hard to have privacy during feeding time specially when you’re out with your family. That’s why Natalac came up with an accessory that is both stylish and useful and that is the breastfeeding poncho (“boncho”, for short). You can use it in 14 different ways (and counting), but most importantly this can be used as a Nursing shawl that makes it possible for you to feed in public. Other ways you can wear it: as a cape, a cozy wrap, a scarf, and a poncho. There are so many uses, and it is super soft and nice to use. What I love most about it is that it is printed with words of love and support from other moms–it inspires you to keep breastfeeding everyday!


The first Natalac Feed Love Breastfeeding Pod is now at SM Aura Premiere. You can’t miss it–it’s at the ground floor activity center, right beside a gorgeous photo exhibit of breastfeeding mommas. Feed Love Bonchos should be available there, too!




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