Happy 90 years, Colgate Philippines!


As I was brushing Tristan’s teeth last night before going to bed, I tried to recall the first time my parents introduced me to brushing. Of course, I could not remember much–what used to be fuzzy, blurry memories have now faded into nothing. I can only recall bits and pieces of our old house, and part of that memory is that we always, always had a tube of Colgate in my parents’ bathroom, and later on in our own bathrooms.

Colgate is one of the first products I used as a child, and has remained a staple in our household until today. It has been such a huge part of my life that sometimes, instead of asking for toothpaste, I ask for Colgate! It makes perfect sense, as practically every day of my childhood and adult life, I’ve brushed my teeth with this toothpaste brand. And it doesn’t matter what variant I use, seeing that logo gives me comfort, as it has become such an essential part of my day.


Come to think of it, all my important milestones include this toothpaste brand, and it has not only kept my teeth clean and my breath fresh, but it has given me the confidence to start my day. On the day of my wedding, I brushed my teeth with Colgate right before my makeup was applied. And up until that first kiss as a married couple I didn’t worry or even think about whether or not I had fresh breath. I just knew I did.

It is moments like these that make all the difference. It is when you can happily live in the moment and not have to worry about the little things (like white teeth or fresh breath). And for that I congratulate Colgate for reaching 90 years! Happy, happy birthday COLGATE PHILIPPINES! May we have many more years and milestones to come.


Website: http://www.Colgate.ph,

On Facebook/Youtube: Colgate Philippines

On Instagram and Twitter: Colgateph

Available online via Lazada: http://lzd.co/Colgate


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