My Baby Planet

I have to say, motherhood has taught me so many life lessons. It sounds crazy, especially since my son is only a year and nine months old haha, but seriously, taking care of a baby has been quite the challenge for this new mom. The learning curve is steep, especially during the first three months after the baby is born. There are so many little trials, triumphs and defeats that happen on a daily basis, that one is just left amazingly overwhelmed. And it doesn’t end–the cycle continues each day, until I guess your baby becomes more independent (I’m assuming this is when he is in college haha).

I know, I am still in the beginning stages of motherhood, so I cant look that far ahead. But boy, was it a crazy first year. It’s like from being pregnant, you’re supposed to instinctively know what to do and become this perfect caregiver (weirdly enough, I imposed this on myself which was really unnecessary). Of course, we all know the ending to this story–we moms make mistakes and are far from perfect. It is actually our babies who do most of the work (nope, they don’t just eat, sleep, poop, repeat). They are our most patient teachers, who try to mold us into the parents we are meant to be. It is really a give and take, and the relationship relies mostly on trust and instinct.

Gosh, I remember how crazy I felt during those days. I could not leave the house because I was still getting used to taking care of another human. At the same time, my body was healing and getting over postpartum depression. It was a crazy time–I depended mainly on my husband to run the house and replenish anything we consumed like food, toiletries, house supplies and diapers. I remember wishing there were a site I could go to for all my baby needs; a service that will deliver what I need straight to my home. There were so many things that needed to be done and there was not enough time to do them. Having this convenience would’ve made my life so much easier. (It’s a good thing I had a great support group of positive moms, like the Baby Barangay and Maricel and Beng of The Parenting Emporium.)

That’s why I was all smiles when I found out there is actually an all-in-one baby shopping website that delivers. Finally, a site where you can buy anything from diapers, baby bath products, detergent, toys, things for the nursery–you can get them all from! They are the same people behind SNR, so you can be assured of their quality and service. And seriously, they are so complete. Anything a mom needs for her baby and herself is there! ❤

I attended the opening of their first store: it is located in Puregold Qi Central along Araneta corner E. Rodriguez Ave in Quezon City, and I have to say, I was impressed. They had the essentials, and they have all the best-selling products we moms would usually have to purchase abroad. I couldn’t help but do a little shopping while I was there as I knew these would sell-out right away. They assured me though that they had more than enough stock and there is more to come. Happiness!

Scroll down to see some of the available products in the store. And be sure to click on to the website to find a slew of baby products–I swear, they have so many amazing brands available at a click of a button.



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