Cebu / Bohol

Two weekends ago I was at Cebu for my fiance’s family reunion. Its an event I really look forward to, because it only happens every two years. The last trip (in 2010) was so much fun, it set the bar high for the coming reunions. This one may have topped it, because aside from the usual island hopping and snorkling, they also alloted a day to swim with whale sharks. Sadly, I was not part of this because I had work on that day and had to fly back early. But according to everyone, it was the best experience (hope I get to go next time).

Either way, I was very happy to be there. The food alone is reason enough to go to Cebu. Everything is just so fresh over there. I ate lechon (roast suckling pig) every chance I could, lots of puso (yummy sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves) and all the mangoes I could get my hands on.

Another thing I love about Cebu are the beaches. The city is so near the beach, you can go to one in just a few minutes. (I am seriously considering moving there!) Anyway, I wanted to share photos I took at Pandanon Island, Bohol. We rented a boat to get there, and it only took around an hour until we docked. What a lovely island.

Pandanon Island.

Getting down from the boat.

The white sand beach isn’t as fine but it is beautiful nonetheless.

It was a really sunny day.

I love looking at clouds.

I am not quite sure what this structure is supposed to be but it looks good unfinished.


There were little huts where you can put your things and apply sunscreen.

The island has a structure by the dock that I assume you can rent for an event (left) and a tiny chapel (right).

Pretty shells sold by vendors.

Vendors have set up shop here.

Fresh uni.

This chapel has character.

I like how weathered it looks.

Reaching out.

Gorgeous sunset.

Back in Cebu, our drive home.

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