Dinner with my Biancas

Meet the two Biancas of my life: Bianca Santiago-Reinoso (left) and Bianca Fernandez (right). They are my two best friends who I chose to be my matron and maid-of-honor.

As you know, I am getting married this year and have been preparing for the big day like crazy. Its going to be a small wedding, but nevertheless will involve a lot of planning. Which is why I set a dinner with my Biancas because first, I wanted to tell them in person that they are about to take one (or in this case, two) of the most important roles in my wedding (besides the bride and groom haha). And second, that Ill need them beside me from the planning stages until the big day to make sure everything works out without a hitch. I was actually very excited to show my girls pegs for my wedding. They are just the people I want to consult with because I really trust their taste and their opinions matter to me.

This dinner meant a lot to me. And I was so happy when ‘Cue Modern Barbeque (at new wing of Bonifacio High Street) offered to host an announcement/planning mini-party for this occasion.

Don’t get me wrong, there was no big surprise with tears, hugging and all. Were really not like that. It was a fun kwentuhan sort of dinner with lots of delicious food. And besides, I think my Biancas already knew what I was about to tell them. Kind of. Dinner with just the two of them was already a give-away. And they knew I am in the middle of planning my wedding, so they were quick to figure it out. Funny, Bianca (Fernandez) was telling her officemates that she was about to be my maid of honor. But immediately she thought, maybe she shouldn’t have announced it yet because I might not have chosen her. (How can I not, she is practically my sister!)

I arrived at the place first, and I couldn’t help but admire the design of this new restaurant. The place was packed, too (tip: call in first and reserve). Of course, this is always a good sign: it means the food is yummy.

Front of the restaurant.

Love the signage.

Red door.


I really like these lights! So cute.

Checking out the menu.

I ordered a ginger-grape shake. Very refreshing.


When my Biancas arrived we were given champagne to help celebrate the occasion.


Toast to more of a decade of friendship.


After the announcement and well wishes, we got down to business. Dinner. I think we did a great job of ordering as we got to try their most unique and tastiest dishes.

Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos. This was really different. I never had bone marrow in a taco before. I should say this was one of my favorites. The marrow tasted so good with steak: what a great idea.

Making my own little taco.

Ready to bite.

Bamboo clams. This was my first time to try bamboo clams and they were very good. It had a light taste that was enhanced by lemon.

This is the ultimate insider secret! You can request for this 10-sauce dipping tray with any dish you order (its not on the menu but its called SUPER BOWL). Each dip has a distinct flavor that goes well with the dishes. I love dips and sauces, so this was really a treat for me.

Beef Belly. This was hands-down my favorite! The beef was so soft and tasty, I couldn’t stop eating it.

Chilli monggo. Chilli made not with beans but with monggo. Very creative, and spicy! The cauliflower and cheese tones down the spiciness. This came with the Beef Belly. Super yummy and filling together!

The Baby Back Ribs (Full Slab). Who doesn’t love ribs? This one is a winner. Baby back ribs cooked the classic way.

This was huge.

Chicken Chipotle Chorizo Pot Pie. This is really good, but also a bit spicy. Its more of a zest though than a full-on anghang. Very tasty.

It reminded me of a spicy chicken soup.

The House Burger. This was the last dish that arrived, and I was seriously stuffed. But Bia and Banks forced me to eat it because it was really good. And I’m glad they did because this is one of the best burgers I’ve tasted.

So good!

My little big piece.


While waiting for dessert to arrive, I looked around and admired the interiors of the place. I really love the way it was decorated.

Low-light bulbs.


Cow hyde ceiling.


And, no dinner is complete without dessert.

Choco-chip cookie cake. This was different, because it was a crunchy cake. It was like a big cookie topped with vanilla ice cream. Wait. It was exactly that pala. Yum.


Thank you so much to ‘Cue Modern Barbeque for throwing me a mini-announcement/wedding planning dinner party. The Biancas and I really had so much fun coming up with ideas for the wedding. I’ll definitely go back again soon!


Can I just share photos with my BFFs? I got sentimental when I began writing this and went through my 10-year file of digital photos. Here are my favorite ones.

Out and about at a bar in Makati.

One of my most fun Boracay trips.

Spending time at a beach.

In Bangkok, all made up for a fashion show. Bia was my roomie when we both went to Thailand to model.

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