Lady Gaga in Manila

If you read my last post, then you’ll know this was the reason why I had to leave Nicole’s birthday party early. I went to the Lady Gaga concert, day two. I know, its not as cool as going on day one but the tickets were free from a friend and I couldn’t say no.

Wait, come to think of it, I actually did say no. I was at a meeting with a designer, my parents, my fiance and his mom (wedding duties) when I got a call from this friend of mine. She had two tickets to give away (and these were good seats, too) but I said I had a birthday dinner to attend and couldn’t go. When my mom overheard that they were for Lady Gaga, she pretty much badgered me to go with her. Hahaha. So yes, my date for the Lady Gaga concert was my Mama.

I wish I had photos of us at the concert, but we were rushing like crazy to get to Mall of Asia Arena (blame it on the yummy food, see: last entry) and were almost late. Lady Gaga was already singing Born This Way when we arrived and I guess the whole time we were just amazed by what we were watching.

It was a fun concert and I’m glad we went. It was good to spend some alone time with my mom, even if it was in a noisy concert hall. Lady Gaga is such a performer with an amazing voice. I found her to be so inspirational when she started talking about homophobia and how all the hatred should just stop. She also repeated what she said on the first day of her concert, that she is not a creature of our government but represents who we are. She even teared a bit when she began talking about how much she loves her fans. That was really touching. I think I got that on video. Ill try to post it after this entry. In the meantime, here are photos from the concert.

Singing Born This Way.

So near yet so far.

Alien in a saya.

Her dancers did an amazing job.

Ram headdress.

The crowd goes wild.

Origami dress.

Pep talk.

Gorgeous dress.

These are mechanical puppets. They’re kind of scary-looking.

My favorite part: Lady Gaga riding a motorcycle. Notice the Philippine flag.

What an entrance.

One of her dancers rides on top of her.

Sexy dance routine.

They put a keyboard on the motorcycle and she starts playing it. Here she gets the Philippine flag and covers her head with it.

Gaga with the Philippine flag.

Meat dress.

Love the props. Look at that meat-grinder.

Grinding man meat.

“Instead of breaking up with my old boyfriends I turned them into this.” Meat couch.

Gun bra.


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