Malaysia crew reunion

At around September of last year I was invited to be one of the models to represent the Philippines at the MASIF 2011. MASIF, which means Music Arts Style International Festival, is a yearly event held at the KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At that time I was modeling in Hong Kong and I remember I had to fly from Hong Kong to Manila, then Manila to KL and going back KL-Manila-HK. It was pretty tiring. But also loads of fun!

The whole thing was organized by Alvs Noel and Patty Laurel. Patty got her closest and prettiest friends to be models for this trip (she ended up walking down the runway, too). And she got talented designer Veejay Floresca (you will probably remember him from the first season of Project Runway Philippines in 2008) to create all these gorgeous gowns and dresses. Needless to say, the few days we spent in Kuala Lumpur were really memorable. We all had such a great time that at the end of the trip we’ve already bonded.

Our busy schedules didn’t allow for us to meet again until last week. But it didn’t matter, because it was a happy occasion, with lots of catching up to do. I was thrilled to see everyone, and I’m hoping we can all get to travel again soon! Here are photos from our reunion:

My KL roomie, Karen Pamintuan with Lala Jara-Tuazon and Veejay Floresca.

Right across from me: Patty Laurel, Patrick Filart, Nicole Hernandez (who wasn’t able to make it to the KL trip but is still part of the group) and Amber Davis.

The Pats: Patty Laurel and Patrick Filart.

Group photo: including Marcus Davis, Alvs Noel and Marge Gutierrez.

The ladies with Veejay.

Another one with Veejay.

The KL crew.


Of course, after posting all these photos I went to my 2011 album and looked at the pictures we took at that trip. Here are my favorite ones of the group. We were such a happy bunch!

6am rehearsal and we all still look so fresh!

I remember we all fit perfectly in one van. Super cozy!

Our dresses for the fashion show.

All dressed up and ready to walk that runway!

Second change! This was the cutout collection.

Showing off the cutouts.

Off to a lobster and steak feast.

This was after the fashion show. We had to go out and celebrate!

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