Ornusa’s Disco Warrior birthday bash

There’s no doubt about it, Ornusa Cadness knows how to throw a party. This supermodel slash DJ has always been a terrific party planner. We all remember her from her Happy Mondays days in Cuisine: each week delivered a fun, out-of-this-world theme that she plans, makes and creates with her bare hands days before the event. Many of us don’t realize what a talented (and hardworking) artist she is. Which is why I was so happy to see her back to doing what she does best for her birthday party.

The theme was disco warrior, and we were all made to wear white or neon. Ornusa really went all-out for her party: she bought all the materials, created colorful Indian headpieces, bright Hawaiian leis and provided guests with countless glow stick bracelets and war paint. It was such a hit that regular patrons of Republiq also got in on the theme. All in all, it was a pretty awesome night. Expect more party-planning from Ornusa soon! Happy birthday Orns! 😀

All photos are by Jun Lopez.

The birthday girl with her friends.

Me with Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Dirkie Dabbay.

That’s Pathra (in the middle). She’s Ornusa’s younger sister.

The headpieces looked so good.

War paint: Pathra Cadness and Franco Mabanta.

Manolet Dario was also celebrating his birthday that night (far right).

Model and DJ Sanja Smith.

Pathra Cadness.

It was also Stephen Ku’s birthday party. Happy birthday!

DJ Nina.

The Zombettes: Sanya Smith, Ornusa Cadness and Mia Ayesa.

What a fun night!

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