Prestige Brands fragrance master class

The event organized by Prestige Brands Philippines Inc was a fun afternoon dedicated to fragrance. It was a great venue to introduce the company’s many brands and it was a fun way to learn more about scents. I particularly enjoyed the talk of international fragrance expert Arnaud Marolleau, as he explained the history, fundamentals, process and recommendations of wearing fragrance. I didn’t realize how much work and effort went into every little bottle of perfume. Now I understand why fragrance is so pricey!

Aside from that, I found out just how powerful fragrance is. Apparently, your first impression on someone is based on your olfactory senses, because we smell people before we see them. So before you can actually tell if a person is good looking or not, your brain has already decided, as it already processed that person’s smell. Wearing perfume also allows you become the kind of person you aspire to be, as your mood changes in accordance with the scent you are wearing. It can give you a newfound confidence or energy. With just a few sprays you can feel girly and sweet or sexy and sultry.

The possibilities with fragrance seem endless. I’m glad I got to see a whole new perspective and appreciate its many advantages. For more about this topic, watch out for my column in Philippine Daily Inquirer next Friday. Ill be sharing tips on the correct way of wearing fragrance, how to make it last and whether or not its a good idea to layer your scents. In the meantime, here are photos from the event.

The event was held at Romulo Cafe, along Jupiter Street. I really love the interiors of this place. So modern and classy.

On our tables were tips on which fragrance to buy according to your astrological sign. Sorry, I just took a photo of my sign, Virgo.

Such an entertaining speaker: fragrance expert Arnaud Marolleau.

Arnaud showing us the correct way of wearing fragrance.

I just had to have a photo with him. Me and Arnaud.


Below are the fragrances carried by Prestige Brands Philippines.

Versace Yellow Diamond.

Creed Spring Flower, Love in Black and Love in White.

Jimmy Choo.

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love.

Paco Rabanne Black XS.

Mont Blanc Legend.

Nine West Love Fury.

Carolina Herrera 212 NYC.

Photo with my fellow PDI columnist and model Isabel Roces.

With Prestige Group Brand Manager, Ella Bugayong and Isabel Roces.

Group photo with the event’s host, Issa Litton.

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