Switch & Save For Your Cosmo Dream

Lately I’ve been trying to hold off on my spending, which means keeping away from malls (its the only way to fight temptation), eating out less and basically occupying my time with activities that cost less money (like DVD night or reading a book). As you know, my fiance and I are saving up for our big day and what’s to happen next. So gone are the days when I would shop at a whim or spend the day at the salon getting pampered. (Well, I haven’t exactly cut these out from my life but lets just say I try my best to lessen them.)

Saving has become a priority now, so with that I’ve had to seriously assess where my money goes and how to spend wisely for my future. I’ve realized that every peso counts, especially when it comes to little gastos we encounter everyday. We hardly realize it, but  these amount to a lot when you add them up. So I made a deal with myself to part with the little luxuries I’ve been spending on in order to afford the things I really want in life.

When I got invited to Watson’s Switch & Save for your Cosmo Dream event it just seemed like great timing, as I got to know more about the campaign and its super affordable range of products. I immediately thought to myself, “this may be just the alternative I was looking for so I can save, save, save!”

The event was hosted by Bianca Valerio and Rich Hardin, which only meant it would be loads of fun. And it was. I along with Patty Laurel, Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Stephanie Dan and Fabio Ide played a game (and got a little competitive in the end, too) that allowed an audience member to win an iPhone 4S and one of us to win a trip for two to Singapore. I didn’t win. Sad. But Fabio took home the prize, lucky guy. The game was really simple, we just had to guess how much in total all the Switch & Save products (that were flashed on the screen) amounted to. Sayang, but oh well, we all went home with plenty of products. Here are photos from the event (most were grabbed from Denise Congco, marketing manager of Watson’s).

Me posing at the Cosmo/Switch & Save wall.

The hosts that afternoon: Bianca Valerio and Rich Hardin.

This girl is such a sweetheart: Patty Laurel.

The handsome Brapanese: Fabio Ide.

Sultry singer: Stephanie Dan.

Me posting with Rich. I was so happy to hear the news that his wife gave birth a week before this event. (Congrats, Dre!)

One more of me.

Backstage, we were super chatty that day. That’s Stephanie, me, Patty and her fiance Pat.

The IT couple: Victor Basa and Divine Lee.

Group photo: me, Patty Laurel, Fabio Ide, Stephanie Dan and Victor Basa.

During the event, we were all waiting for the winners’ names to be announced.

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