Hi Kelly. I believe one girl must religiously clean her face as a basic beauty regimen. Mine includes washing my face before going to work and before going to sleep. I would like to ask if its ok to have 2 different cleansing brands/ types (i.e. facial foam, soap), or you must stick to one brand only?

Definitely one should maintain a skincare regimen, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should stick to one brand. It is true that different brands offer varying results, but there really are no rules for mixing and matching products. Choose what works best for you, but stick to one product at a time for each function (example: cleanser, moisturizer, etc). If you find that the brand you are using isn’t working well for you, or worse, has caused an allergy or breakout, stop using it immediately. At the same time, if you’ve found that product that makes your skin glow, stock up on it! You’ve found gold! 🙂

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