Style Weekend behind-the-scenes photos

Here’s the cover of Style Weekend bridal issue. Dress by Danilo Franco for Sheila delas Llagas-Hidalgo, veil by Bonne.

Last weekend I came out on the cover of Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend. Editor-in-chief  of the magazine Liza Ilarde approached me to do the bridal issue cover a few weeks back and I was more than happy to oblige. I worked with Liza some years ago when I did a cover for a travel magazine where she was also the EIC. It was shot in Malaysia (my first time there) and I had such a fun time, minus the flu on the first day. I think I quickly recovered just because I was excited to be there. Another cover I did for Liza was also for Style Weekend, this time we shot it in Bali. We all happened to be there for a Pond’s press junket and she asked me if we can shoot for the magazine. On the cover with me were supermodels Apples Aberin and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.

For Style Weekend’s bridal issue we went to Antonio’s in Tagaytay. I have heard a lot about the place but really never had the chance to go there until the day of shoot. It is really such a pretty place; I wish I had seen it before so I could have my wedding there! But I guess its good enough that I got to shoot a bridal cover and editorial. I love the way the photos turned out. I am still waiting for the actual photos so I can post them here, but in the meantime I wanted to share my behind the scenes photos from my camera. I enjoyed working with photographer Shaira Luna, stylist Guada Reyes, makeup artist Vida Non-Jaucian and hairstylist Mark Familara for this shoot.

Admiring the bricks. Each one had a different engraving, which I found so cool.

We did the shoot on a Monday, the only day Antonio’s is closed. They opened the windows and the doors for us to let the light in so we can start on hair and makeup.

While the makeup artist was setting up, I looked around and started taking photos.

I really love these huge paintings, and that white chandelier (which was all over the place) is really so beautiful.

Checking out the gowns I had to wear that day. They look so pretty beside each other; love the different tones, textures and finishes.

This was the first gown I wore that day. It was made by Joey Samson. It had such a unique fabric—it looked so good against the black & white tiles of Antonio’s.

What a cozy outdoor nook! Notice the white chandelier. Gosh, I want a garden like this.

Here is me wearing the Joey Samson gown. Can I just tell you, it was pretty embarrassing, because I really couldn’t fit into the dress. It was extremely tight, if you saw the back you’d see how it was sewn together and taped many times for it to hold up.

Hair and makeup check. Pretty bridal makeup.

Me playing around with the veil. I am already dreading wearing one for my wedding! I need to find an invisible veil if there ever was one. What a hassle to wear!

Posing for the camera. This looks very dramatic.

One more photo, that clip looks surprisingly good and I am not into clips.

I like these tiles!

So when I saw all that green with the pretty white flowers, I immediately asked someone to take my photo.

Might as well ham it up! Its not everyday I’m in a pretty dress (by Tippi Ocampo) like this.

I had to stand on a table for this shot. It was a huge antique one, very solid and sturdy, which is why it wasn’t a problem. What I like about this dress is the back. Look at the sequins! It was a sparkly surprise. Dress by Kristel Yulo.

Black, white and yellow look so good together. A simple table setting looks so beautiful with all the bold details and graphic design.

I like that yellow goblet.

Never thought yellow was a good color for a wedding motif until I saw this photo.

This looks so elegant.

Change of hair and makeup. This one is my favorite. Dress by Tippi Ocampo.

Cream rosettes against the black and white tiles.

Believe it or not, this pose was actually very comfortable. Dress by Mel Orlina.

Whenever I shoot wedding editorials I always have to think happy thoughts. It really shows in your eyes if you’re happy.

Last layout for the day! Ill be posting the final photos soon.

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