Before & after makeup: Preview fashion ed

I am forever amazed at how makeup artists are able to transform faces with the use of makeup. They are really so imaginative and creative, as they come up with new looks for us to follow. And I am only so lucky that once in awhile I get to see the finished product on my face.

I thought I’ve seen it all with the many editorials and shoots I’ve done in the past, but once in awhile I get surprised and think, “this is a great look”. When this happens, I pay attention. I notice what products the makeup artist uses and watch how they work just so I am able to recreate the look one day.

It was my first time to work with MAC makeup artist Pong Niu for a Preview fashion editorial, and I must say, I really love the makeup she did. Here are ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos so you can see how she did the makeup.

Here I am, no makeup and getting my hair blow dried.

Another ‘Before’ photo.

And here is the ‘After’ shot: I love how blended my makeup is, the eyebrows are perfect, eyes look deep-set and my face is carefully contoured.

Here’s what I realized: makeup brushes are very important if you want a look that’s this blended. Powders glide on smoother, and makeup is easier to build up, down or blended together.

Though the makeup is pretty monochromatic (mostly browns), it looks interesting because of the mix of matte and shimmer. This kind of makeup has a tendency to look flat if you’re not careful.

* Ill be posting the published shoot as soon as the magazine comes out.

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