I desperately want to blog but i dont have internet at this new house. Well, its really not a new house, its new to me because i just moved here today. Yes, i moved! Exciting times. But it is also very tiring times.

This will be the first of two moves that will happen in a span of just a few months. And i am already dreading the unpacking, packing and finally unpacking and organizing that will take place. I really didnt start moving until the last minute because i didnt want to believe that i was moving.

But i had to move today. So i spent the day putting all my things in boxes, until i ran out (of boxes haha). Halfway through, i realized that i just have so much stuff. I dont know if its a good thing or not, but i hold on to a lot of sentimental things (or simply junk to other people) and i hardly throw away my clothes, shoes and accessories.

Reality check: i seriously need to purge my life of these things. The question is, what stays and what goes? My fiance was quite horrified by the amount of stuff i had to pack. He kept asking me if i really needed to bring everything to our new place. Looking at my things, each one seemed essential. But then i remembered an episode of this show Hoarders i saw and i bet the lady who was drowning in clutter thought the same thing too.

So, what to do? Organizing a garage sale seems about right. I used to have these every year when i lived in Alabang. Now i just cant find the time to do it (excuses, excuses). But what else? Someone from Twitter suggested i do an online sale. That could work too. Still thinking of more ways to lighten up my load. Do you have any more suggestions for me? 🙂

**Used my smart phone for this blog entry. 

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