Northern Living cover shoot

Its been three years since my last Northern Living cover. I’m not sure if you caught it back in 2009, but I had very short hair back then and a different view of the world. What a difference three years makes. My priorities have completely changed since, and instead of my then out-to-have-fun attitude, I am now consumed with wedding plans, condo-living/furniture-and-appliance shopping and five-year-life-planning. Has it happened? Have I finally grown up? Funny, because I didn’t realize how quickly things have changed for me.

I bought life insurance this year, and back then I just wanted to travel the world. Though I still want to travel now, I don’t really dream of doing it constantly as I really want to build a home. I can’t get over it. Three years really makes a difference! I now have longer hair and a more mature view of life. I wonder how Ill be three years from now!

Okay, I was really supposed to write about my latest shoot and look where I went. I guess I cant help it. Looking at the old 2009 cover and shooting another cover (to come out in August) for the same magazine really got me thinking. What a difference three years makes! Here are photos from the shoot.

Pegs for the shoot.

Me in 2009 Northern Living cover. I had just cut my hair this time, and before that I had it all the way until my lower back—it was a good 10 inches cut off.

MAC makeup artist Pong Niu’s makeup kit.

MAC lipsticks. I was drooling over this!

Perfect eyebrows and lashes. Pong had just put falsies on me, which explains the glue you see on my lashes.

Pretty makeup.

Cover option. Photographer Toto Labrador did the shoot.

Grape-purple lips. Pong simply applied purple lipliner over my fuchsia lipstick.

This dress is almost identical to the first one I wore, only its in pale blue.



Love this!

My makeup after the shoot.

And here is 2012 me holding up a cover of 2009 me. They are two different girls if you ask me.

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