Preview Best Dressed Ball 2012

The theme for the event was athletic chic. I don’t know why, but initially I thought, “it should be easy enough, Ill just throw on anything bright with a graphic stripe and Ill be good to go.” I was so calm thinking about it too, until I assessed my closet and realized I didn’t own anything that looked athletic that I could actually wear out. I shouldn’t have been surprised though because I am really not that sporty. I mean I like running, and I enjoy yoga, but I have never really been one to dress sporty on a day-to-day basis.

That was when I knew I had to go to a designer. If you know me well, you’ll know that my go-to designer is Joey Samson. So I gave him a call, and just like that I had a dress to wear!

In case you didn’t know, Joey has been giving me dresses to wear to events since I started going to events. He doesn’t need to ask me what I like because he knows it already. So far, he’s been there to accommodate my every need, and really, he’s been there for me thru thick and thin.

Joey’s inspiration for my sporty chic dress was a scuba suit, and yes, it looked every bit as stylish and elegant as I imagined it. I was all-smiles when I saw the dress, and was practically jumping up and down as I was fitting it. Needless to say, the dress was very me, and I was only too happy to wear it to the ball. Thank you so much Joey!!

At Joey’s place taking one last look at my outfit.

When I got there the Preview girls were there already. And as expected, they were dressed to the nines.

Preview’s fashion editor Daryl Chang with fashion and beauty editor Anna Canlas.

We like short shorts: Anna Canlas.

Edgy black and white ensemble by fashion stylist Andre Chang.

Prettiness personified: Rima Ostwani.

Preview’s associate editor and Sparkling magazine’s EIC Eunice Lucero.

White peek-a-boo Kylee Lagman.

Sporty girls: Kylie and I.

How to wear athletic chic.

ABS-CBN’s creative consultant and writer Gitri San Diego and I.

Preview’s creative director Vince Uy.

Preview’s art director Eugene David and I.

With model Jenny Rockett, model/host Patti Grandidge and talent manager Pia Campos.

My favorite designer, Joey Samson.

Love them: Max Factor makeup artist Bobby Carlos and designer Louis Claparols.

With creative geniuses Ivarluski Aseron, Bobby and Louis.

The host for the evening Karen Pamintuan.

Bubbles Paraiso looking smoking hot.

I was trying to figure out just how hot this dress is. Okay, it is very hot. Sexy Bubbles!

Photographer Paolo Pineda and Jenny Rockett.

Midnight Bonkers: Ejay Leung, Paolo Pineda and Dondi Narsico. They made the awesome Best Dressed video.

On the best dressed list: beautiful Lovi Poe.

Lovi being interviewed.

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