Shu Uemura goes to Amanpulo

One of the perks of my job as a beauty columnist/editor is that I get to travel. Press junkets are always so much fun and are usually held in beautiful exotic locations. I don’t really get to go to these events very often, but when I do I make sure to embrace the experience and of course, take lots of photos. This trip was no exception. It was my first time in Amanpulo and I couldn’t be any more thrilled to be there.

The island is just so breathtakingly beautiful. Really, I have no words. I thought that no other beach could beat Boracay in terms of the sand, water and sunset. But this one really surprised me—it now tops my best beach list. If you don’t believe me, scroll down and view the photos. It is just WOW. Unbelievable.

It was the perfect setting to launch a skincare line. Japanese brand Shu Uemura clearly knew this, and didn’t pull any stops to introduce its newest breakthrough product. TSUYA skin (“tsuya” means ideal in Japanese) is a serum that works by reactivating skin’s “youth power switch”. In case you didn’t know, our skin cells are made up of active receptors that tell our skin to self-generate and metabolize. As we age, these receptors “switch off” and cause our skin to look tired and rough. Tsuya skin contains molecules that transmit vital signals to skin cells. This in turn, works by giving skin a youthful radiance. (More about Tsuya skin in my Philippine Daily Inquirer column, coming out in the following weeks.)

I took lots and lots of photos for this one, so let me warn you, this will be a long scroll down.

My view from the plane.

Look at that crystal blue water.

Upon landing, we got settled at the clubhouse for merienda. This amazing-looking pool was just outside.

Our ‘Welcome to Amanpulo’ group shot. (Photo from Ingrid Chua-Go’s camera)

Suman and cookies for merienda. (Photo from Ingrid Chua-Go’s camera)

The bedroom. I was roomies with The Baghag Diaries’s ( and fellow PDI columnist Ingrid Chua-Go.

Pinoy treats in case we got hungry.

Dried mangoes, cookies and korniks.

This is obviously my side. That is my real name btw.

A Tsuya skin-scented candle and Shu pencil.

This is our private villa.

Pathway to the beach.

Pretty gumamelas.

Look at that view. I wanted to jump into the water that very second.

So gorgeous.

A hammock for two.

I think its pretty obvious I was so happy to be there. (Last three photos taken by Ingrid Chua-Go)

After our swim, we needed refreshments so we headed to the nearest bar/resto.

Group photo.

As much as I wanted to swim all day, I had to get ready for skincare/makeup demo. Shu Uemura makeup artist Claire Seelin-Diokno asked me if I can be their model for this one. Of course, I said yes.

Noticing how fine the sand is.

I love how this looks.

Shu Uemura makeup artist Claire Seelin-Diokno setting up her makeup.

Claire’s makeup.

Waiting for the demo to start: L’Oreal’s Pam Picazo-Garcia, Preview’s beauty editor-at-large Agoo Bengzon and Metro Society’s Marichelle Ligon.

Ingrid Chua-Go, with stylish brothers Suki and Ferdi Salvador.

The Philippine Star’s Cai Subijano, Mega beauty editor Kim Reyes-Palanca and Metro beauty editor Charmaine Laconico.

Claire, Pam and I with Shu Uemura brand manager Nina Solano.

Claire applies Tsuya skin on my face.

The finished product: skincare + makeup. Claire used Tsuya skincare range and Shu’s latest makeup collection.

Showing off my shimmery eye makeup.

Expect a lot of shimmer in Shu Uemura’s latest collection.

Photo with the girls after the demo.

Elegant table setting by Ferdi Salvador (Event Architects).

Our yummy dinner.

Shu Uemura’s newest skincare range: Ultim8 Cleansing Oil (available this July), Tsuya Skin (coming out early September) and Tsuya UV Under Base Youthful and Radiance Mousse (available on October).

All-white dinner.

When I woke up the next day, I immediately wanted to see the beach. Yup, it was still beautiful.

As I walked the shore I noticed these were left out, most probably from the night before.

Amazing view.

I really had to resist the urge to jump in. I was already in the water!

Before we went out to go snorkling, we found this: a Turtle Egg Hatchery! I love that Amanpulo is really making an effort to help preserve these turtles.

Aqua view.

Our super cool boat to take us out snorkling.

With Ingrid.

Ready to snorkle!

Back at the beach. Im getting all shades of blue here.

So pretty.

Love that they had these hats in the room. These really help protect against the sun’s rays. This, and a whole lot of SPF!

During lunch we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Ingrid, with a mini cake and candle!

Parting shot.

Thank you Shu Uemura! I had an amazing time. 🙂

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