Eley Kishimoto

I chanced upon this designer, Eley Kishimoto when I typed “graphic prints” on Google. I was immediately drawn to the black and white design I saw (below) and found myself on a site that carried designs for iPad and iPhone covers (www.goincase.com). After viewing most of the designs, I became a fan! These are really so PRETTY. I wish I could create wallpaper, clothing or furniture with these designs. 

Until I found out I actually could! I went to Eley Kishimoto’s website (eleykishimoto.com) and I learned that the talented duo of Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto or better know as Eley Kishimoto: are considered the patron saints of print! 

(Above) This was the site where I found Eley Kishimoto’s designs. I am so tempted to order a case or three! Of course I clicked on each and every design and just fell in love. Here are my favorites from the lot. 

Black & white. 

Ba ba bloom.

Ropey (yellow).


Bunny dance.

Damask (red).

Dancing girl.



Landscape (blue).

Sky patrol.


Source: www.goincase.com/eleykishimoto, www.eleykishimoto.com

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