My review on Samsung Galaxy Camera

I want to introduce you to my newest toy: the Samsung Galaxy Camera! This powerful gadget has gotten me excited about photography again, not only because it produces beautiful, vibrant photos (it is 16 megapixels, 21x optical zoom) but it is also an intelligent gadget that runs on Android Jellybean OS. What makes this camera different is that it has Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, 3G and 4G capabilities, which means you can send that photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your Tumblr blog, in an instant.

Not only that, this camera runs on a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor and has a gorgeous 4.8 inch HD touchscreen display (the back of the camera is the screen—its huge). I’ve been carrying this around with me these past few weeks and boy, it really gets noticed. First of all, everyone is so amazed with the screen. When I take a group photo, for example, and show them how it looks, they are just stunned with how big the display is, and that its touchscreen, too. The back basically looks like an Samsung Galaxy S3 phone but with super zoom lens in front. 

Another thing I love about this camera is that you can easily edit your photos. You can choose to download from thousands of Android photography apps and be able to crop it, adjust its brightness, contrast and saturation, and even give it a retro effect (ala Instagram). Then you can load it to any social media site, email it to someone or even Bluetooth it.

But the camera itself is really the reason why you should buy it. It has a range of exceptionally rich professional shooting modes which can go from Auto, to Smart (with options like Beauty face, Best Photo, Best Face, Macro, Silhouette and Light Trace) and Expert (which allows you to adjust its ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed just like an SLR camera). 

As I continue to use it, I am discovering new things about the Samsung Galaxy Camera everyday. I love that it surprises me, and is really able to deliver exceptional photos, every time. 


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