Almost there


Its finally happening! Our place will be ready for moving in this week, and my husband and I are so happy. We spent the entire day yesterday cleaning and organizing, and we’re finally seeing progress. I’m sure anyone who has moved into their own space can relate—moving in can be tiring, but also exciting.

We’ll probably need another week or two to bring in our things and organize (again) until everything is in its proper place. We’re still missing key pieces in our living room, but its livable. As of the moment, less is more for us.

As for me, I cant wait to fill our home with beautiful things. And what a great start, this mirror (a gift from my good friend Ria Prieto) serves as one of my first accent pieces. Im hoping to find more pretty and functional things, but I am taking my time. I dont want to be rushed into buying something when I might find a better version later on.

I am still trying to familiarize myself with our place and its surroundings; so far everything’s been happy and positive. I cant get over our gorgeous view of the sunset and how different it looks every day. Yes, things are slowly taking shape and I feel so blessed right now.


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