I’m back! Well, kind of..

I know I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, and I apologize for not updating as much as before. As you know we have been moving these past few weeks and last weekend was the last and final move. This means all the junk and boxes full of “extras” made their way to our new home. And since I haven’t really organized most of these things (they were stowed away in my messy cabinet at my parents’ house), I was very much overwhelmed by how much clutter was brought into our apartment. 

It isn’t really much better now but after sorting through some boxes, things are finally taking shape. Our living area still looks like a tornado went through it, but there is some sort of organization going on in our bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom. At this point I am very thankful for walls and doors because you can go inside a room and forget all about the messiness going on in the living room. But sooner or later I had to face it, so this week has been all about cleaning and organizing and more cleaning. 

But, there have been milestones this week worth announcing. Remember my New Year resolution of learning how to cook? Well, I am proud to say, I have been cooking already! This is really a feat in my book because honestly, before this I couldn’t even cook rice. Yes, I made a whole meal yesterday: for breakfast I made Potato, Bacon and Egg Scramble (from my Betty Crocker cookbook) for two and for dinner, chicken tenders with rice. I know, I know. These are super simple and easy and all that, but I cooked. This is historical hahaha. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can be good enough to cook Filipino food and invite people over for dinner. But as of now, its just simple meals for two. 

And apart from cleaning, organizing and cooking, I wanted to announce that I took on another job. Remember all my tweets about the newest fashion online store: PORMADA? Well, you are now looking at the Director for Fashion and Beauty for PORMADA.com. This is super exciting because the store will be carrying the coolest fashion brands—all at super affordable, discounted prices. Ill be working with Sarah Meier Albano and Brent Javier for this one, so expect plenty from this site! (If you haven’t already checked it out, please go to www.pormada.com—we’re launching the site with a FLASH SALE! And we’re featuring brands like VANS, URBAN DECAY, T-BAR and ACCESSORIZE!!!) 

So now you know what’s been taking up my time. I felt like I owe you guys an explanation from not being so active lately. Also I’ve been itching to blog. My day really isn’t complete without it. 

Hopefully I get back on it by tomorrow! I’m going to be announcing another contest soon from my favorite shoe/bag/accessory brand. So watch out for it!!! 🙂 

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