Resolutions for 2013

There’s nothing quite like the New Year. I love that its like a clean slate for everyone. Here’s a day where we can start fresh and leave all the troubles and worries of the past year behind. Its a time filled with possibilities and hope; a time where we see ourselves in a different light and perhaps start on our path to self-improvement.

Resolutions are very much a part of any January 1. This is the perfect time to look into what we honestly want to change about ourselves, and hopefully, will be able to affect the world around us in a positive way. I always end up scribbling my resolutions on a piece of paper and losing it a few days after. And when work begins to pile up, I end up completely forgetting about them until its already December and I realize I have to come up with a new set of resolutions.

Well, since I am blogging about my resolutions this year, I am hoping I wont be forgetting about them any time soon. As difficult as it is to commit to these, I really want to make this year different. I want it to count. So, as a way not to escape from myself, I’ve decided to share with you my 10 Resolutions for 2013. 

1. Learn how to drive. This is far from embarrassing, but I feel like I may have to say it out loud so I can finally do this. I don’t know how to drive! I mean, I did try to learn before, don’t get me wrong. But I gave every excuse not to until I felt it was too late to learn. Well, I know that its not too late for me! This is one of those things I just have to do and this is the year I will do it. I promise, I will be enrolling myself to a driving school this month!

2. Learn how to cook. This is another thing I am very embarrassed about. I have wanted to cook for the longest time but as usual, I just didn’t do it. I remember buying a Betty Crocker Cookbook one time before though, and I was able to make Eggs Benedict (with the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and all). It wasn’t restaurant quality (yet) but it was pretty good. I ate it. I really think this is the year to explore cooking, and yes, I will be good at it. 

3. Complete my home. With the wedding planning, my many writing jobs and events, etc, etc, my husband and I have not yet finished building our home. It is definitely in the works, but were not quite there yet. I really want our place to feel like home, and I will do everything I can (and so will my husband) to make sure it will happen in the next few weeks.   

4. Go on my honeymoon. Because of budget constraints, my husband and I haven’t gone on our “real” honeymoon. Sure, we took two weeks off after the wedding and spent time at Boracay and Batangas, but it was really more of a “mini-moon”. We definitely deserve this after being together for so many years. 

5. Stop procrastinating. This is my sickness, and oh no! I am about to announce it to the world. I tend to leave things until the last minute, then I panic and start moving on it. This is a terrible habit and really shows poor time management skills. I promise to not to do this anymore, or at least I will try. 

6. Plan ahead. This is part two of my procrastinating issue, and the two go hand in hand. If I plan things better, then I wont end up procrastinating. Making daily ‘to do lists’ is one way to improve on this. And yes, I will make one each day until I accomplish all my goals.

7. Read more books. I love reading books, I really do. This is really not a problem for me. What I need is to devote more time for it. What usually happens to me is I start on a book and leave it hanging mid-way. Then a couple of years pass, I start on the book again and same thing. This year I will finish all my half-read books.

8.  Stop being so hard on myself. This is probably a Virgo trait because as far back as I can remember I’ve already been like this. I push myself too hard, and when I fumble I take it as a huge failure. Its the serious, perfectionist side of me that is at work here. I have to be able to laugh and learn from my mistakes. And I should really remind myself of this often! 

9. Walk Lily as often as I can. My sharpei-mongrel mix is a high energy dog and I feel bad because I am a low-energy owner. I want to walk her but its so hard to find the time when I am so busy. If you’re thinking, just let someone else walk her, well, that’s difficult because she only trusts me and my husband to walk her. So only we can do it. Yes, I promise you Lily that I will walk you as often as I can! 

10. Save for something big. I found that its been really difficult to curb your expenses, especially once you’re married. Little things amount to big things. What I plan to do this year is to cut back on my personal expenses and instead save for the big things that matter (like a house). 

There is it! I’ve shared my 10 Resolutions for 2013! I really hope and pray I can stick to them—anyway I have you guys to remind me all about this. 🙂 

Happy New Year everyone! And good luck with our resolutions for 2013. 



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