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do more

Life has become incredibly busy for me lately. I really don’t know how other women do it—juggling several jobs while adjusting to married life, building a home and spending a few hours a day exercising is no easy feat. But as tiring as things get, at the end of each day I still ask myself, “what else could I have done today?”

Funny, when we were kids we were constantly asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And we would answer only one thing: to become a doctor, a dentist, a journalist… Needless to say, I would never have imagined myself doing what I’m doing now–going from one job to the next, managing meetings, appointments and deadlines. I guess I never thought that was possible back then. Or maybe I grew up in a different time altogether, because these days, you can’t just be one thing anymore. We all need to wear several hats throughout the week in order to survive. Plus, we have to squeeze in all these extracurricular activities in between, not to mention spend quality time with our family and friends. Every second counts, and when you realize this thats when you’ll want to maximize your time and do more things in one day.

And, talk about timing. Just when I’ve decided to manage my time better so I can do more things, Rexona comes out with their newest campaign with the slogan: DO MORE, and they’ve asked me to be part of their 10-day photo challenge. Of course, I was more than happy to do it. I thought, what better way to get myself motivated everyday than thru Instagram? So I did it: 10 pledges/resolutions in 10 days. I did pretty well for myself, I think, because this was the busiest two weeks I’ve had in a long time. I’m glad I was able to prove to myself that it is possible to do more things in a day. Hooray to doing more!

IMG_1879DAY ONE: Take the stairs as often as I can. This proved to be the most difficult, because I now live in a condominium, work in a building on the 25th floor and go to yoga class, which is on the 15th floor. Of course, I can’t take the stairs going from one destination to the other. I’ll die. So I started by going up and down my condo, except when I’m wearing heels or I’m dressed to go out. And when I’m not in a hurry, I take the stairs going down from my office and yoga. Of course, when I get super tired, I find the nearest elevator. This is all about giving your best effort anyway.

IMG_1922DAY TWO: Walk Lily, twice a day, everyday. This one has a purpose other than fitness. I need to get my dog fit too so she can have a long and healthy life with me. I’ve been thinking a lot about Lily and her age lately. She is now seven years old, which means in human years she is now 49. That’s getting pretty old! I want her to live till she’s 15o in human years!! So that means I need to walk her in the morning and in the afternoon everyday.

IMG_1969DAY THREE: Appreciate beauty in everyday things. You can’t take things for granted. Really, life is too short to dwell on negative things, which is why I’ve made a pledge to always stay positive and always see the beauty in every person I meet, place I visit and thing I encounter. My favorite thing to look at everyday is the sunset. I’ve got a fantastic view of it from my condo, and each day is different.

IMG_2033DAY FOUR: Cook dinner everyday for one week. A happy discovery for me since moving to our place is that I like cooking. From grocery shopping to the preparation of ingredients, following instructions from a cookbook down to tasting the finished product–all of these things appeal to me. I just cant believe I never wanted to try it before. Cooking is fun, and I am learning so much from doing it everyday. Btw, this photo was taken last Valentine’s Day. My husband and I decided to stay in that night and eat our favorite: steak and mashed potatoes.

IMG_2068DAY FIVE: Work on my articles in between meetings. Thanks to my laptop and good internet service, it is now possible to work anywhere. Cozy restaurants make great office spaces.

IMG_2104DAY SIX: Attend Bikram yoga for the next two weeks. I have a love-hate relationship with Bikram yoga. While I am at class, I feel like I am suffering the entire 90-minutes. It is just excruciating to be in there. But after–I feel amazing, which is why I keep on coming back for more.

IMG_2146DAY SEVEN: Be grateful for each and every blessing that comes our way. There is just so much to be thankful for everyday. Let us not forget to pray and thank Him.

IMG_2163DAY EIGHT: To read one book a week, depending of course on its length. I’ve always loved reading. It was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid and was a trait that I took after my dad. The only problem is I just couldn’t find the time to read lately. I’ve devised a solution for this though: bring a book with me everywhere I go.

IMG_2175DAY NINE: Reorganize my closet, starting with my shoes. I always wish for a bigger closet, but what I’ve realized is, I just need more organization in my life. So far, I’ve found ways to maximize space and make things fit. Also, letting go of things that I’ve loved but don’t use anymore is a must.

IMG_2284DAY TEN: This is one of the most important things on my list–to eat well. This means staying away from processed/junk food and sticking to the healthy stuff. Japanese food is always a great choice. My favorite dish: chirashi. Yum.

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