Valentine’s Day at Thomas Sabo

It is all about Paris, the city of love, this Valentine’s Day at Thomas Sabo. Their newest charms are just adorable: a red enamel heart, an apple with Cupid’s arrow and the iconic Eiffel Tower are just some of its many covetable silver charms.

I just had to visit the store to see these for myself. I even brought my husband along, just to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. And as I found out, it was so difficult just to look and not get anything. I saw the prettiest charms, earrings, bracelets and necklaces at the store.

I dont think I noticed these before, but Thomas Sabo carries pearls! These are just so gorgeous. That long strand pearl necklace would look so good with a little black dress and black pointed pumps.

I couldn’t help but notice these earrings. They are just beautiful. Thomas Sabo gave me a pair of those angel wing heart earrings (at the bottom) and I wear them all the time.

So for a second here I imagined I was going to walk away with this stunning charm bracelet. Haha. I chose these charms myself: all part of my wish list!

My top three picks: a red enamel clutch, a black & white ballet flat and a heart charm with ‘love’ etched on it.

I think I went a little overboard with my wish list. I just kept adding charms to this bracelet. They were just so cute! So hard to resist.

I mean, really, these must be the prettiest charms, ever. I am so into Thomas Sabo’s enamel finish charms. Hmm… I hope my husband took notes. I racked up a pretty long wish list on that day.


I didn’t get to see these at the store, but I know these charms are arriving SOON! I cant wait to get my hands on these Valentine’s Day inspired charms.


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