Wear color this summer

Summer is practically here, which means its time to update our makeup! This always gets me excited, because then I get to play around with different colors, textures and tones to create a look that’s all my own. And what fun for us, Spring-Summer 2013 trends dictate that bright, vibrant makeup are here to stay, and the looks in trend are fresh, modern and graphic.

DRAW THE LINE. Its amazing how colored liner can look so chic when worn the right way. The trick is to know where to draw the line–in this case, its a little bit above the crease of the eye. Tip: use a bright, matte creme eyeliner (these usually come in a pot) and draw it on using a thin eyeliner brush. Draw inspiration from: Michael Kors.

Michael Kors (3)Michael Kors (5)

USE A SHIMMERY SHADOW. A little shimmer will do you good, especially when its in a gorgeous, rust-colored shade. Give this a modern twist by drawing from the inner corners of the eyes and extending the shadow upward and outward, instead of blending your shadow the usual way (along the crease). Draw inspiration from: Chloe. 

chloechloe (3)

CREATE A BEJEWELLED EYE. Who would’ve thought bright eyeshadow matched with Swarovski crystals would actually look interesting? I couldn’t imagine it either, until I saw these photos (below). The makeup actually looks modern and cool. I wouldn’t mind trying these, as long as I have someone attach these crystals for me. Draw inspiration from: Christian Dior.

dior (6) dior (2)

TRY COLORED LASHES. I like how fresh and different this looks–the neon pink lashes actually complements the purple eyeliner. Its not something you can wear to the office, but hey, if you want to change your look a bit, why not try this? Draw inspiration from: Donna Karan. 

donna karan (2) donna karan (5)

BE A LOUD MOUTH. This is probably the easiest way to wear color: on the lips. I love how the face is kept clean and dewy–the lipstick just pops. Tip: When wearing bright lipstick, don’t forget your eyebrows. Adding definition to your brows balances out the bold color on your lips. Draw inspiration from: Giles and Prada. 

giles (3)prada (2)

All photos from: www.style.com

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