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My favorite comic book of all time finally has its own limited edition makeup line! Yes, the lot of us have been anxiously awaiting its launch since we heard about it last year. And yay! We finally have it in the Philippines (its sold out everywhere in the world, by the way). Archie’s Girls (hello, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge!) x MAC Cosmetics is now available at all MAC stores nationwide, and its the cutest collection, ever!

Okay, okay. Maybe I’m this excited because I’ve been a die-hard crazy Archie fan from the moment I could read. I spent all my allowance on Archie comics, and I would befriend my classmates who brought them to school so I could “overnight” them (hahaha user!). I remember I would spend hours and hours reading my cousin’s vast Archie collection whenever we would visit her at her house. And I didn’t even talk or budge during those visits. I was glued for hours on end, reading one digest/issue after the other. Oh and she eventually gave me this collection as a gift on my bridal shower, and I was the happiest girl in the world! (Thanks, KC!!!)

Now you get why I am just sooooooo deliriously excited about this! But seriously, the collection is really beyond cute. The lippies are just to-die for! I was so happy I was able to snap up Betty Bright (this pretty creme coral shade) and Daddy’s Little Girl (a wearable bright purple hue) before it got sold out at the event. Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga tipped me on what to get, and I’m so happy I listened!

As expected, the event was so much fun! It was held at Mall of Asia last weekend, and it was as “Archie” as it could get. Fun 50’s music played from a jukebox; they had a photo booth where you can have your picture taken with Archie, Betty and Veronica; and they served rootbeer floats, mini hotdog sandwiches and bite-sized chocolate cakes. And of course, there were makeup counters all around where you can try “Betty” or “Veronica” makeup. Now as much as I feel like I’m more like Betty than Veronica, I love both collections equally. I feel like you can wear Betty during the day, and at night you can become Veronica. I think I was as confused as Archie at the event. I couldn’t decide which collection was better! So I opted for both.

20130308_152712Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

20130308_152723Love both palettes!

20130308_150911Veronica Lodge: reds, purples and blues.

20130308_151010Betty Cooper: creams, pinks and corals.

20130308_152443Jigs applied Betty Bright lipstick on me. It was bright and pretty, great for everyday wear.

20130308_152745Betty Bright.

20130308_151400Such adorable packaging. Love!

20130308_151531And… a jukebox!

20130308_151319My yummy rootbeer float. The stripe straws are so cute!

20130308_151605There was dancing! These two danced the Boogie and the Twist.

20130308_150920Yummy candies given away.

20130308_154142And so I headed to the store to get to business. I had to get my hands on those lippies!

20130308_153548Love this loud purple shade: Daddy’s Little Girl.

20130308_151858The event wont be complete without the ultimate love triangle: Betty, Archie and Veronica.

20130308_154409Spotted at the event: Megan Young, who says she is a “Veronica”.

20130308_154430Lauren Young, who claims she is a “Betty”.

20130308_152137Nicole Andersson.

20130308_152113Bella Padilla and Jigs Mayuga.

20130308_151658Daphne Osena-Paez and her lovely daughters pose with Archie, Betty and Veronica.

20130308_151739Of course, I had to have my photo taken, too!

  1. Brenda Santos Reply

    This is awesome! I’m a Betty fan as well 🙂

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