Greenwich Lasagna Supreme TVC

Its finally here!!! The newest Greenwich Lasagna Supreme commercial, with of course, the most gorgeous and talented ladies in the business–Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff!!! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to doing these shoots every year. It is just so fun and spontaneous, not to mention the storyboard is always hilarious.

So this year, the theme is: best in delivery, just like Anne’s best in parking (lol), which really shouldn’t come as a surprise because Greenwich really does have the best delivery service (give it a try, call 555-55) . I do a lot of shoots, and Greenwich is a constant in most of them, so I know just how fast and easy its delivery is. It always arrives on time, and the food is delivered hot and fresh–ALWAYS! I, of course, always order my favorite: Greenwich Lasagna Supreme, and I don’t just get one or two servings but an entire tray. It is usually the first to get finished (whether at home, at a party or at a shoot) with practically everyone helping themselves to a big serving (myself included).

And so the TVC is out on television and on the Internet! Our print advertisements should follow soon. But before they come out in billboards, posters and print, let me share with you the behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot. Anne and Solenn look stunning as usual! Of course, that’s a given. But what I like most about this was being able to make kwentuhan with these ladies since I never get to see them because of their super busy schedules. Oh, and my favorite part was when we were asked to “make agawan” or fight over who gets to the lasagna first. I think Mark Nicdao was able to capture the funniest shots, with Anne, Solenn and I looking as wa-poise as ever. Hahaha.


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  1. Brenda Santos Reply

    You are all so gorgeous! 🙂

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