Mövenpick Hotel Cebu


If the name Mövenpick sounds familiar to you, it is probably because you’ve already heard of the ice cream brand. Personally, I’ve always known it to be that: a dessert on a menu, which is why I was very surprised to find out it is also a hotel in Cebu–a very good one at that (if you think about it, it seems about right to associate ice cream with a hotel chain, especially when you’re in a tropical country).

I was lucky enough to stay at the five-star beach-front hotel for a LOOK editorial shoot, and I was blown away with how pretty the place was. Originally the old Hilton hotel, Mövenpick underwent major renovation to make this a fresh and modern get-away. I loved its cool design and interiors, not to mention its super comfortable rooms and delish food. It also has a little patch of fine-white sand beach, which I really enjoyed (you know how much I love the beach), and a popular day/night spot, called Ibiza Beach Club.

Check out these photos.

IMG_3073IMG_3077IMG_3074 IMG_3083IMG_3091IMG_3090 IMG_3082IMG_3080IMG_3088IMG_3136 IMG_3138IMG_3089




For more information, go to http://www.moevenpick-hotels.com.

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