New discovery: Bobble Bottle


I don’t drink enough water. I know this for a fact, because I can never seem to consume the recommended eight glasses of water a day. Not even close. Its something my husband constantly reminds me to do, which I am grateful for, or else I wouldn’t drink water at all. I’m not exactly sure why I don’t drink enough of the stuff, I mean, we need it to live, right? Most of the time I think I just forget to drink because I’m so busy or when I’m out going to shoots and meetings the whole day I don’t have access to it.

I knew I had to find a solution to this sooner or later, I just didn’t expect it to be given to me. I received my Bobble Bottle a month ago (thanks to Grace Bermujo), and I’ve been using it almost everyday since. What makes it different from your regular water bottle is that it has its own carbon filter (if you didn’t know, carbon removes chlorine and organic contaminants), and is intended to make your regular tap water drinkable. When I have this with me I don’t need to buy bottled water. I didn’t think it would make any difference at first, but after a few weeks I started to realize how many single-serve plastic water bottles I used to buy. Collectively, these plastic bottles are a detriment to the environment (and our wallets). If you think about it, one person who consumes one bottled water a day will accumulate an huge amount of plastic waste in his lifetime, what more a city or a country. The Bobble Bottle’s filter equates to 300 plastic bottles of water. I’m not exactly a active environmentalist, but I’d like to do my part to make our earth cleaner and greener. Using my Bobble Bottle everyday helps me do that. Not to mention, I get to drink the right amount of water everyday!

IMG_3571With my Bobble Bottle after a shoot. Its so light and convenient, I carry it with me everywhere.

wetSo many pretty colors to choose from! Bobble Bottles are available at their kiosk at Rockwell, Poweplant Mall. Their 550ml bottle is P595; filter is at P345.

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