Siem Reap: Day 3 – Breathtaking Angkor Wat


Originally, this was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Cambodia: to see Angkor Wat before I die. This sacred place has always fascinated me. Its rich history and majestic architecture is nothing short of spectacular, and I needed to see it up close. Now that I’ve actually been to the place, I am still in awe. It is beyond grand, marvellous, beautiful. Its scale and proportion is just unbelievable. You really could spend the entire day exploring the temple. And we could’ve done that if not for the other temples we were set to visit that day (it was a temple day for us). The heat was still unbearable that day (it didn’t help that we had to be dressed in modest attire–the required long-sleeve shirt and pants) but seeing Angkor Wat made it all worthwhile. (Tip: Bringing water and a change of clothes is a must if you choose to travel at this time.)

Hope you enjoy these photos!


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A little history lesson on ANGKOR WAT: It was built by Khmer King Suryavarman II in early 12th century and remains to be the biggest religious monument in the world. It is both a Hindu and Buddhist temple, as past kings converted to Hinduism and Buddhism throughout the centuries. It is the best preserved temple in its area and has become a symbol of its country, Cambodia. 

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