Gold Rush at Thomas Sabo


My wish came true! THOMAS SABO now carries gold charms, chains and bracelets!!! And these not only come in yellow gold but in rose gold as well! As much as I love the look of silver on my skin, there is something about gold that stands out. It is probably because my complexion is more olive/yellow than pink, which means gold tones look better on me. That, and gold is just so summery and fresh–adding a gold chain or bracelet to your outfit quickly dresses it up.

Oh and the old rule of sticking to just silver, gold or rose gold no longer applies. That’s another thing I love about Thomas Sabo and its accessories–you can freely wear all three colors together (the more the merrier) which means you can stack up different charms on its bracelets, turning it into a gorgeous tri-color accessory!

So, of course, I literally closed the store when I was at Thomas Sabo Rockwell, because I just couldn’t get enough of the new charms and chains in brilliant gold and rose gold. Frankly, I couldn’t decide on what to get! The new charms were beyond cute, and just the sort of jewelry that you’d want to wear everyday. Also, with super stylish icon Poppy Delevigne on board Thomas Sabo’s summer campaign (see video here), its accessories have never looked sexier!



And yes, Thomas Sabo now carries diamonds too! I love how the brand is now adding more precious metals and stones into its collections. It just makes you love its accessories even more. And yes, for all you men out there–jewelry always makes the BEST gifts!

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Loving Thomas Sabo’s new Glam & Soul Collection! Its yellow and rose gold charms and chains look amazing!

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So here are some of the favorite Thomas Sabo accessories that I brought with me on my trips to Singpore and Hong Kong. I really LOVE my gold ‘K’ necklace! I wear it almost everyday! I’ve had my Thomas Sabo rose quartz and black obsedian bracelets for awhile now. I still wear them whenever I can. IMG_4915


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