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For our four-day Singapore trip, Carlos and I got to stay at the brand new KLAPSONS Boutique Hotel. (It is in-fact so new that most locals and tourists don’t know about it yet.) Its distinct modern interiors and look sets it apart from your traditional hotels, which is what I love about the place. It is young and fresh, and it feels so cosmopolitan. Its location isn’t bad either, as you’d only need to walk a few blocks to get to the MTR station.

aphoto69738Its interiors look so hip and trendy. (Photo credit: guidepal.com)

20130430_092849Yes, the front desk is inside that metal sphere.

20130430_093400Just outside the lobby is a coffee shop if you need a quick perk-me-up.

20130430_092817Breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino.

20130430_093513The Sleeping Rhino.

cn_image_0.size.klapsons-null-singapore-111436-1This outdoor bar is perfect for after-dinner drinks. (Photo credit: groupon.sg)

cn_image_3.size.klapsons-null-singapore-111436-4Our room (yes that’s a glass shower beside the bed haha). (Photo credit: cntraveller.com.)

20130430_084353If you don’t feel like using the shower in the room, there’s an outdoor shower you can use.

20130430_084413I like this option, it gives the place a resort feel.


For more information, visit www.klapsons.com.

  1. klapsons The Boutique Hotel Reply

    Dear Ms Kelly,

    Thank you very much for staying with us & taking your valuable time to pen this wonderful blog post. All of us at klapsons are glad we made your stay a memorable one and we look forward to welcoming you back to the hotel again!

    Marketing Team
    klapsons The Boutique Hotel

    1. kellymisa Reply

      My husband and I really enjoyed our stay at Klapsons! We will definitely be back soon! 🙂

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