Late post: Siem Reap: Ta Prohm & Bayon Temples

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There is a tendency to get ‘templed out’ after a day or two of visiting temples. Siem Reap has so many, and while each one is unique and special in its own way, one cannot help but get overwhelmed with its sheer size and number. I was only able to visit five temples, and already I felt like it was enough for one trip. The temples were beginning to look the same, which I found sad because they really are spectacular. I do have my favorites though (after Angkor Wat, of course). TA PROHM and BAYON temples really stood out for me. These two had such character and wisdom in them, it felt incredible just to walk around and explore each temple.

A little backgrounder on these temples: Ta Prohm is well-known because of the movie, Tomb Raider. Its the temple with enormous trees growing out of it, which looks amazingly surreal, while Bayon temple is the one with massive stone faces carved on its many towers. I’ve been meaning to share these photos for a few weeks now, but I only got the chance to get back on my blog now. But better late than never, right? Hope you like these photos.


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    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thank you! I’m glad you like them. 🙂 Cambodia is beautiful.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      THANK YOU! It was hard to take a bad photo, the temples were amazing. 🙂

  1. Lizzy Reply

    Some of your photos are fantastic!!!

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