My Singapore Ultimate Summer Vacation: Day THREE

For our third day in Singapore, my husband and I went to SENTOSA ISLAND! I had been here a couple of times before (the last time was in 2010), so I thought I knew what to expect. Let me tell you, SO MUCH has changed in the past three years! It was like my first time all over again with the number of new and exciting attractions it had to offer. Tip: You’ll need to devote an entire day in Sentosa in order to make the most of your trip. There’s just so much to see and do, it would be a waste if you didn’t have the time to do it all.

So for our first stop, we went to the world’s largest aquarium, called the S.E.A. AQUARIUM. Now, Carlos (my husband) loves fish with a passion. He used to breed them at one point in his life, and has always been fascinated by them. He seriously wanted to become a marine biologist, but somehow ended up becoming a contractor. So you can just imagine how excited he was to be here. He was so happy (and I was happy to see him happy)–the place has more than 800 species of marine animals, including manta rays, goliath groupers, napoleon wrasse, dolphins, sharks, moray eels and almost any sea creature you can imagine (except maybe a giant squid or a mermaid lol).

20130429_111856Carlos and I–behind us is this gigantic cylindrical aquarium.

20130429_113056Colorful fishies.

20130429_114139Love these starfishes!


20130429_114733They’re so pretty to look at, but I am seriously afraid of them.

20130429_111006More colorful fishes and corals.

20130429_111249Sea horses!

20130429_112539Beautiful corals.

11769_10151501814599690_1373501511_nThis photo was taken by Sentosa. I was at their “petting area” where you’re allowed to touch different kinds of starfish.

20130429_112646Pretty purple fishies.

20130429_114629Beautiful and dangerous.

20130429_112600Love this mangrove aquarium.

20130429_112309One of its amazing aquariums.

20130429_125138With Mayi at the shark aquarium.


After the aquarium (and lunch) we spent the rest of the day exploring Sentosa Island, and boy, did we have a blast. We got to know more about Singapore’s rich history thru IMAGES OF SINGAPORE, went on the SKYLINE LUGE for a super fun downhill go cart experierence, saw a 360 degree Singapore view from the top with the TIGER SKY TOWER, tried the SENTOSA 4D WONDERLAND rides, toured the BUTTERFLY PARK & INSECT KINGDOM and went on the MEGAZIP ADVENTURE PARK. Whew. It was an action-packed day, and it was so much fun!

20130429_141411Of course, we had to take a photo with the MERLION!

SONY DSCPhoto with the SENTOSA signage. Well, you can only see ‘E’ and ‘N’ here, but that does spell Sentosa

CIMG3424Outside the IMAGES OF SINGAPORE, an award-winning attraction that brings Singapore’s history to life using multimedia displays, multi-screen theatre presentations and life-sized tableaus.

CIMG3422A must-see if you want to know about Singapore’s heritage.

SONY DSCUp, up we go on the TIGER SKY TOWER.

SONY DSCView from top.

20130429_150439Love this view.

CIMG3453Haha. Posing with The Rock before going on the 4D ride: Journey 2.

SONY DSCLining up for the cowboy shooting ride.

CIMG3461Going up the SKYLINE LUGE.

SONY DSCPutting on our helmets for the go cart. Sayang, I wasn’t able to take a photo of us riding the go cart. It was so fun! We went downhill really fast.

SONY DSCCarlos and our awesome tour guide, Eros.

20130429_172503Mayi and I all ready for the MEGAZIP ADVENTURE!

SONY DSCCarlos ready as well.

SONY DSCGroup photo: with Mayi, our photographer Darren, Carlos and I.

20130429_172629On our way up.

SONY DSCAll ready to go.

SONY DSCWe decided to do the zip together, as in hanging from one line.

SONY DSCLong way down.


SONY DSCWe did it! Fun way to end our day!!!

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