A trip to beautiful Bacolod


Bacolod was such a happy surprise. My husband and I were invited to go by our good friend for his birthday. Both stressed from work, we welcomed this break and found its lush landscape and pristine beaches very therapeutic. But what really brought us back to life was the amazing food. We ate chicken inasal every single day and gorged on treats like freshly-made hot piaya, butterscotch, and heavenly napoleones from Virgie’s Homemade Products. It was so worth the extra calories.

Our first day was extra relaxing. Our friend took us to a place he helped develop which was only an hour away from the city proper (technically, this wasn’t Bacolod anymore, but Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental). He had a nice one bedroom lodge set up on top of a mountain which had a spectacular view! I couldn’t get over it. Ang ganda talaga. For me, the view was enough reason to move here (that, the fresh air and the food). I kept nudging my husband, “build me a house here”! Hahaha.

sixWhat a view!


IMG_5742Our friend’s cozy house, which he plans to expand soon.


IMG_5768The next few days were spent at Sipalay Beach where we swam, snorkled and ate to our hearts’ content.

IMG_5770The water was so clean. You could stop and swim anywhere!

twelveOn our way back to Bacolod, we stopped at a local restaurant for more chicken inasal. (Oh if you’re wondering about the crowd in the photo, a local fisherman was selling his catch of the day. Of course, I imagined a mermaid was washed ashore.)

tenAmazing chicken inasal.

elevenNo, that’s not Lily but a local dog that looks like her.

nineWatching the sunset while eating chicken inasal. Life couldn’t get any better.

IMG_5794Ill be back soon!

  1. Rolly Tabucan Reply

    Hi Kelly,
    I’ve been looking for a farm in Negros (I was born and raised in Negros but been living in LA for 28 yrs now) thru internet and I happened to discover Don Salvador Benedicto. After reading your blog, i am now convinced that this is the place I want to have a vacation house. You just sold me this place. Thank you!
    Rolly T.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      That’s great!!! Yes, I was really amazed with Don Salvador Benedicto–its so beautiful. Bacolod is such a great place to vacation. 🙂

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  3. kayedequillo Reply

    Hi Miss Kelly! I actually came across this post while I was searching for some photos of Don Salvador Benedicto to be used in my post. I used one of your photos and linked back your website, I hope that is okay with you. Also, I am wondering if you are looking to buy a farm lot in Don Salvador Benedicto? I am currently selling 2 farm lots in Don Salvador here (this where I actually used your photo): http://kayedequillo.com/2015/08/01/lots-for-sale-in-salvador-benedicto/


    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hello Kaye! Sure, no problem about using my photo. 🙂 As of now I am not looking to buy a lot but thank you for your offer! Best of luck! Love that place. 🙂

      1. kayedequillo Reply

        Thank you for your reply, Miss Kelly! I hope you come visit Bacolod soon. A lot has changed and there is so much to see (and eat, too!).

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  5. daniel lovett Reply

    Hello Kelly,

    My wife, Prescilla, is from Bacolod. We live on Long Island, NY. We went to Don Salvadore for a day trip (from Bacolod) and we both fell in love with the area ! The cool breeze was a welcome friend. We will def be going back there. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. –Daniel

    1. Kelly Misa Reply

      Hello Daniel! Thank you for dropping by. I agree completely, Don Salvadore is just gorgeous. It is a great place to relax and unwind. Bacolod in general is an amazing city! Regard to your wife.

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