‘It’s a girl’ baby shower for my BFF Bianca


I am beyond happy for my beautiful sister-in-law (and best friend) BIANCA, who is expecting a baby very soon! She is having A GIRL!! And we are all so excited for her and this little bundle of joy. We threw her a baby shower last week, and it was so much fun because everyone wanted to be part of it. We brought all her favorite sweets–doughnuts, cupcakes, tarts and PINKERTON Dulce de Leche ice cream, and showered her with gifts. It was an easy, relaxing day with the sweetest girls you could ever have as friends (BIG THANKS to Ria Prieto for volunteering her lovely home for this shower, and for working on all the adorable decorations). This is Bianca’s second baby, and we really couldn’t be happier for her. She looks so radiant during this pregnancy–she has that glow that every girl wants (and a tan too, because she just came from the beach haha).

I remember the first time I met Bianca. It was at a cover shoot for the now defunct TEEN Magazine back in 2001. We were both finalists for a model search and we were to do a shoot that day with MTV VJ KC Montero. We were 10 finalists all in all, including Nicole Hernandez and Solenn Heussaff, who won the competition.

When we found out we both lived in Alabang, we kind of clicked. I had just moved there, and she had lived there her whole life so she basically introduced me to everyone in the area. We both went to La Salle Taft, ended up in the same modeling agency, and pretty much went to the same castings. We found a carpool-mate in each other, which was a big deal because we lived so far away. We became fast friends, which I was happy about. Starting out as a model was scary–it was good to have a friend who understood what you were going through.

A lot has happened since–its been 12 years! We saw each other through breakups and family problems, moving, having a baby and planning a wedding. We went on countless trips together and once travelled for two months around Thailand. I am her first daughter’s godmother and Lily, my dog is the daughter of Coco, her sharpei! Bianca is more than a friend, but a sister. And she became my actual sister when I married her brother last year!

20130615_164756At the baby shower: Steph Kienle-Gonzalez, Ria Prieto, Bia Fernandez and Carmela Villegas.

20130615_162632Olivia D’Aboville, Jessica Tan Gan, Xandra Rocha and Bia.

20130615_162949Bia, me, Ria and Nicole Jacinto.

20130615_163049Its always fun with these ladies.

20130615_163351Happy baby shower Bia!

20130615_164041These animal cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja were so cute and yummy!

20130615_171329Nicole’s daughter Sofia kept asking for more to take home. They were so good!

IMG_5802Sofia and Adriana, Bia’s daughter.

dsc056681Another treat! PINKERTON Ice Cream by Xandra! I looooove the flavors she brought: Dulce de Leche ice cream, which tastes like pastillas, and Guava Basil sorbet, which was so refreshing!

20130615_175352Andy and Bia with all her presents to open.

IMG_5791Bia and I taking a moment to check out DOVE’s Hair Fall Rescue range. FUN FACT: DOVE is perfect for pregnant women. Since most women experience hair fall during pregnancy, this is an ideal product to use because it stops hair fall at the roots (in case you didn’t know, 78% of hair fall happens at the roots). More importantly, Dove is super gentle and is safe for moms and babies.

20130615_164638Thank you DOVE for giving all of us goodie bags! This hair fall rescue range is the best!

20130615_173627MUSTELA (Bia’s favorite mom-baby brand) also gave us these products! Thank you Mustela!!! (Moms out there, this is THE brand to try. It is gentle enough for baby’s skin and even works well with sensitive skin.)

20130615_181659Thanks Mustela!

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