Pond’s Age Miracle TVC: “What’s your miracle story?”

My first Pond’s commercial came out in 2005. I consider this the launch of my modelling career, because back then, when you bagged a skincare campaign like Pond’s, you were finally recognized as a viable commercial model. True enough, many campaigns came soon after this memorable TVC, and I even got to travel around Asia as a model. This commercial opened a lot of doors for me, and I got to live my childhood dream, which was to become a model. (Of course, later on I got to do other things which I am passionate about, like writing.)

Its been eight years since the commercial came out, and still random people ask me if I am that girl in the commercial who answered her boyfriend’s mother in Spanish (seriously, the TVC was that effective). And since my days as a Pond’s White Beauty endorser, I have now graduated to a range more suited to my age–AGE MIRACLE.

And so when Pond’s asked me to share my testimonial in a TVC, I was more than willing to do it. I’ve been a Pond’s girl for so long now, it seems like perfect timing that I am now part of the group of Age Miracle ladies like Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach, Chesca Garcia-Kramer and Hindy Weber-Tantoco. We shot the commercial a few weeks ago, and I am just so proud of how it turned out. I hope you all like the TVC as much as I do! (Oh and I also included the link from my first commercial, in case you wanted to see it.) I would love to know what you think! Please leave a comment below! 🙂

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