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When I hear the word “detox”, I immediately associate it with hunger. It must be from all the stories I’ve heard from friends who have done it before and really had a difficult time with it. I’ve never tried it before, so I assumed all detoxes are the same. Of course, I have come to find out there are different programs depending on what you want to achieve. You can say I was hesitant to try it, but I was also very curious to see what it was all about.

And just as I was thinking about it, I got an offer to try it!

It was perfect timing, really. NEO SPA was kind enough to offer me their three-day detox program. I thought it was a great way to introduce my body to detox, as three days seems short, and do-able. I signed on right away, though I still had my reservations and requested that I start on a weekend, in case I became too weak or too tired to work.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any of those things that weekend. It was more of the opposite, as I still was able to stay active all throughout that Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The program I tried is called Nadine Tengco’s ULTIMATE DETOX at the NEO SPA (P15,000). It is a three-day plan that includes deliveries of vegan meals to gently begin and end your detox experience. Meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks in between, which are surprisingly filling and really yummy (I didn’t feel the need to cheat, and no cravings at all).

My favorite part of the program was the second day, which was a SPA DAY! This allowed me to escape for half a day (treatment is approximately six hours) at the luxurious Neo Day Spa. Here I underwent detoxifying body treatments (like Seaweed Bath, Brown Algae Wrap, Coffee Colonic and Lymphatic Massage) while being served phytonutrient-dense detox juices. The spa-day experience is designed to assist in the detoxification process, banish belly bloat and restore skin’s luster, which I have to say worked for me. And of course, I really enjoyed being pampered for one whole day, minus the Coffee Colonic part (I am still not sure how I feel about it). To briefly explain, it was my first time to do a colonic (I won’t go into detail, you can look it up haha) and I didn’t like the feeling of having to go so many times. But then again, it is supposed to be really good for you as the coffee solution stimulates both the liver and the gallbladder to release toxins, which are then flushed from the body. The caffeine content also directly stimulates the peristaltic muscle reaction to contract more powerfully and loosen encrusted waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. I really enjoyed the Seaweed Bath and Brown Algae Wrap, which made my skin so smooth and moisturized, and the Lymphatic Massage which kneaded me into complete relaxation. I thought it was an excellent way to spend my weekend–I felt so healthy and revitalized after!

For more information about Nadine Tengco’s ULTIMATE DETOX at the NEO SPA, read this:

(Press release)

What is the Ultimate Detox?

Carefully designed by US Certified Fitness Nutritionist Nadine Tengco and the NEO SPA team, the Ultimate Detox program combines phyto-enzyme detox juices, vegan detox meals, and signature detoxifying spa therapies and treatments to cleanse, banish belly bloat, reduce weight, and deliver fast results in just three (3) days.

To keep the momentum up for weight loss and health, there is a follow on care with Nadine’s gentle system detox eating plan and guidelines to break the detox program.

What is included in the 3-day plan?

The experience begins (pre-spa day) and ends (post-spa day) with deliveries of vegan detox meals to gently begin and end your detox experience. On the second day is SPA DAY where you escape for a whole day (approx 6 hours) at the Neo Spa where you are lavished with detoxifying body treatments while being served phytonutrient-dense detox juices.

The SPA-day experience is designed to assist the detoxification process, banish belly bloat and restore skin lustre. Once you begin to detoxify with the vegan detox diet, stored toxins are released into the system for removal. The manual procedures and body treatments will facilitate a full system flush. The phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices in the detox juices, live food and cleansing soup aid in flushing and reducing inflammation and bloating.

DAY 1 Pre-tox; Vegan detox meals/juice delivery

DAY 2 Spa Day (5 ½ – 6 hours); detox juices, live foods, cleansing soups

DAY 3 Post-tox; Vegan detox meals/juice delivery

What are the ingredients found in the detox juices and soups?

We use organic herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables for our juices and soups. Our proprietary formulations and recipes focus on the anti-inflammatory and carminative (anti-gas) effects of herbs and spices. Antioxidant-dense fruits and vegetables, which are also anti-inflammatory, serve as base “carriers” for these herbs and spices.

Some of the ingredients we use are:

Lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, basil, parsley, tarragon, spinach, wheatgrass, banana, pineapple, papaya, lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cayenne, stevia, pumpkin, bell pepper

How long will the detox foods and juices keep?

Our detox food, soups, and salads are prepared fresh daily. Our juices are also freshly pressed and blended. No preservatives are added. Our system guarantees the preservation of phyto enzymes for up to 36 hours after delivery, provided you keep the food and juices chilled. After receiving your delivery, please refrigerate all the food and juices immediately. PLEASE DO NOT FREEZE.

Must I consume all the juices and foods each day?

We designed a system that provides you with the nutrition you need to make it through your day and to promote your body’s detoxification function. There is a system behind our menu, so please enjoy all our fresh detox drinks and foods.

 Can I switch the order I drink the juices or eat the food?

We recommend you follow the plan we’ve created to help you achieve maximum results.

Are there side effects?

Not everyone responds to a cleanse in the same way. Some experiences include heightened energy levels, a feeling of lightness and a clarity of mind and emotions. Others experience fatigue, aches and pains, emotional duress, headaches, or cold and flu-like symptoms. These reactions are sometimes called healing crises, which are caused by temporary increased levels of toxins in the body due to elimination and cleansing. All these may be more pronounced if you typically eat a diet high in processed foods. These symptoms are not serious and will quickly pass. 

Can I exercise during the program?

Yes! Exercise aids in the flushing and detoxification process. The point of the cleanse is to create movement, to help your body pass things along. We don’t, however suggest any weight lifting or strength training routines during the program. We suggest dance, brisk walking, yoga or maybe even a swim. Take it easy you are cleansing!

Can everyone do this?

Pregnant and lactating women should abstain. 

Ask your doctor if you have chronic health problems. We don’t recommend doing the detox before the age of 15. It is safer for teens to learn healthy eating habits instead of doing a detox. 

Should I continue to take my multivitamins?

This is a personal choice. The rationale for multivitamins is that we are not receiving these basic nutrients from our food. However, by consuming our nutrient dense juices, soups, and salads, you’re already consuming the best whole food based multivitamin on the market.

Chili Lemongrass

Detox in a Bottle. The day before your detox you will receive all your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) as well as juices that will help the detoxification process. It comes with a guide, so you will know what food or drinks to consume at what time, which isn’t difficult as everything is properly labeled.

 20130608_132123My lunch for Day One: Miso Soup with Vegan Sushi. The Spicy Lemonade on top was my snack.

20130608_163356Second snack of Day One (merienda): Vegetable Crudite and Vegan Boursin Cheese.

20130608_194710Dinner for Day One: Vegetarian Pad Thai.

20130609_113245Lunch for Day Two: Raw Food Pad Thai Salad and Detox Solution.

20130610_095759Breakfast for Day Three: Warm Lemon Water and Malunggay Asian Rice.

20130610_120959Lunch for Day Three: Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Tangy Lime Dipping Sauce and Pomelo Salad with Oriental Dressing. The green bottle above was my snack: Detox in a Bottle.



Day 1 Pre-tox; Vegan detox meals/juice delivery

Breakfast – Warm lemon water,  Banana Flaxseed Pancakes with Muscovado Syrup

Snack 1 – Spicy Lemonade (Cleanse Formula)

Lunch – Miso soup,  Vegan Sushi

Snack 2 – Vegetable Crudite with Vegan Boursin Cheese

Dinner – Vegetarian Pad Thai




Breakfast – Banana Blast (Weight Loss Formula)

Lunch – Raw Food Pad Thai Salad  and Detox Solution


Chili Lemongrass (Weight Loss Formula)


Grasshopper Drink (Weight Loss Formula)

Electrolyte Drink

Sesame Rice Crackers and Lemongrass Tea



Seaweed Bath

Scrub / Exfoliation

Brown Algae Wrap

Lymphatic Massage

Coffee Colonic


Dinner – Raw food “Tom Yam Cleansing Soup” and Ginger Limeade (Weight Loss Formula)


Day 3 Post-tox; Vegan detox meals/juice delivery

Breakfast – Warm lemon water, Malunggay Asian Rice

Snack 1- Detox in a bottle (Cleanse Formula)

Lunch – Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Tangy Lime Dipping Sauce, Pomelo Salad with Oriental Dressing

Snack 2 – Rawlicious Mango Trifle

Dinner – Japchae Korean Stir-fry Noodles

IMG_2634You get your own room with a jacuzzi for most of the Spa Day treatments. This Seaweed Bath is super relaxing.

IMG_1749The best part: getting a Lymphatic Massage.

For inquiries, bookings and location-specific concerns, please contact the spa directly.

+63 2 8158233, +63 2 8156948
+63 921 4779999

+63 2 5846789, +63 2 5846066
+63 927 7801118

For general inquiries about Neo Spa, please email or call +63 917 8687971.


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  2. Pinky Reply

    How much is this 3 day ultimate detox program?

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Hi Pinky! This blog post was written awhile ago. It might be better to call Neo Spa to inquire if this is still available. 🙂

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