Heart gets the best of both worlds with Pond’s BB+ Cream


One of the country’s most beautiful faces, actress Heart Evangelista proves that she can have the best of both worlds. What exactly does this mean? Well, apart from a successful career, a blossoming love life and gorgeously radiant skin, Heart is happy, because she doesn’t have to give one up for the other. It’s no wonder why she was chosen to be the new face of Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream, because she has adopted the same philosophy the brand adheres to: any Filipina can have the best of both worlds.

If you haven’t tried this wonder product, it’s about time you did: it works by concealing spots and blemishes, fading acne scars through continued use (with its signature GenActive Cover Formula found in the Flawless White range); it goes on smooth and feels ultra light on the skin (no need to set with powder); it protects skin from harmful UV rays with its formulated SPF30 PA++; and it delivers a flawless, dewy finish, thanks to its light-reflecting Super Optics. (Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream is only P299, while Pond’s Age Miracle BB+ Cream is P499.)

Pond’s held a press conference for Heart last week to announce this newest endorsement. I loved how the event was a venue for us to get to know Heart personally–she gamely gave us beauty advice (of course, for this part, I intently listened) and simply made kwento about the things she does on a regular basis. Media had free rein to ask her anything, and I have to say, she gave such great answers. Here is the Q&A portion of the press con, recorded and transcribed by me. (Thank you to Rappler, Preview, Female Network, People Asia, Spot.ph,  and Candy / Good Housekeeping for asking such great questions, and for lending me the answers! :))

What do you recommend for taking care of your skin during the rainy season? (Rappler) 

Raining or not, I think its really important for you to moisturise. Sometimes, kasi there’s a possibility that it gets too humid when its raining. When there’s too much oil on your face, you get pimples. For me, I think its important to moisturize on your neck and around your eyes, the sensitive areas where skin is very fine, and still put sunblock, even if its raining its still there and you still need to be protected.

They say life is about choices, but if you can get the best of both worlds, what will these two things be? (Preview)

Well everybody would love to be a Victoria’s Secret model, you want to be thin and all that, but sometimes you can put the two together, you can’t have the best of both worlds and be healthy and fit at the same time. If I could do that, I would choose that. And probably if there’s anything else I could do, I’d like my boyfriend and my family to be together, but nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible. With BB Cream nga you can have coverage and all these other things. You can have the best of both worlds.

How do you manage to juggle a busy work schedule and getting personal “me” time? (Female Network) 

First its important that you have to love what you’re doing. If not, it would be hell most of the time. But if you love yourself, you have to prioritize, you also have to make yourself happy. So its just really balance, knowing that you’re doing your job, that is good for you, but also you have to indulge sometimes. You just have to put your foot down and say, “this is something I want to do for myself” and panindigan mo and the rest will follow if you’re happy. So that’s just it.

In your opinion, what is a Pond’s girl? (People Asia) 

Well, it can be any brand, but with Pond’s, of course, you have to be someone that’s inspiring. A lot of people asked me before, “oh no with all the controversies and everything you’ve been through, who’s gonna get you now?” But really a role model or somebody you aspire to be cannot be perfect because you cannot be someone that’s perfect. It has to be someone who has gone through life, that is normal, who has been through the worst, who has been through hell and back and everything. But its how you get inspired because its how you went through it and handled it with grace, that nothing is impossible that you can get back on your feet, and you’re okay, and you learn something and you have a backbone and develop a good character from your experience. So I think that’s who a Pond’s girl is: someone with character who is confident and stand up for what is right, who isn’t scared of what the world will bring.

What do you do on a normal day? (Spot.ph)

I am a big fan of La Nuova, its this Italian restaurant at Forbes. I used to go there after school, I would be wearing my San Agustin uniform and my mom would pick me up there, so I love that. Usually I am just at home. My normal day, well, two weeks ago, not recently, I wake up, I’d work out, I’d run for 40 minutes. I’d pray. I shower and do whatever. To eat, I usually have food delivered to my house that’s healthy. It usually works when you’re extremely busy, you don’t have your ref in front of you and you have no choice but to eat what’s in your cooler. And just like that. I hang out with a lot of my friends come from people behind the scenes, directors, ganyan. My only two showbiz friends would be Lovi Poe and Alessandra D’Rossi. I just stay at home, I love staying at home, playing with my dogs. I paint, read books, listen to music. I love listening to music. That would be a normal day for me.

Aside from using Pond’s BB Cream, what are your stay-young secrets? (Candy / Good Housekeeping) 

Vitamins. Vitamin C, Zinc is also good for your skin. I’m not saying I’ll get pregnant any time soon, but they say that its good for the elasticity of the skin. So if you’re planning to get pregnant, you have to start drinking Zinc before that so less stretch marks. I moisturize, I work out. That’s it, actually. I try to be healthy, not so much of the oily and fried. Buy yourself one of those air friers, those are really nice.

2Beautiful Heart Evangelista is Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream’s newest endorser.

3Pretty in white.

4Unilever Philippines Head of PR for Personal Care Apples Aberin welcomes Heart to the Pond’s family.

5Pond’s Senior Brand Manager Cesca Silvestre, Heart Evangelista and Apples Aberin.

6Me, with Cesca, Heart, Laureen Uy and Apples.

7Cesca Silvestre.

8Apples Aberin.

9Unilever Philippines Media Services and Activation Manager Nikki Abella.

10Pond’s Senior Assistant Brand Manager Julia Ng.

11Pond’s PR Consultant Zo Aguila.

12Me wearing Pond’s Age Miracle colors red and white.

13Pond’s Ambassador Laureen Uy.

14Pond’s girls.

15Laureen and Cesca.

16Pond’s BB+ Cream in Flawless White and Age Miracle.


  1. Angel Reply

    Hi i would like to know if Pond’s products are safe during pregnancy? Thank you.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      I think it will depend on the variant. Definitely not the skin whitening range. I think its best to talk to your OB about it! 🙂

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