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You’ll never know how important your health is until you get sick. Yes that is the truth, and I am learning all about it this year. Its funny, for the longest time I would hear the old adage, “health is wealth” but I never really understood it. I thought it was just two rhyming words put together because it sounded right. But then, as soon as I began feeling sick, there it was, I could practically hear my grandmother saying it to me.

I must say though, this came as a surprise, this whole vertigo business. Because I thought I was pretty healthy. I mean, in the first place I didn’t smoke or drink, except for the occasional cocktail or two during events. I didn’t eat excessively or diet dangerously either. I was always out and about, keeping active and busy. I thought I did pretty well for myself. I would walk Lily, my dog, often and I even took up yoga.

Somehow though, it all caught up. The busy schedules, sleepless nights, stress and the transition to married life and its pressures (you know, housework, cooking, cleaning, and BILLS) were enough to make this a weekly thing, then eventually a daily thing. It was pretty scary, because vertigo seemed to happen anytime. I could be in a meeting, or at an event or at work and it would just strike unannounced. And it wasn’t like I could just take a pill and be okay. I really had to rest for a few hours, and really sleep. Truth be told, I got a vertigo attack at Palawan and again at Singapore, and both were for events/work. I felt so helpless because I couldn’t will myself to be okay. I had no control of my body. It was difficult to accept this, but I guess acceptance is the first step to dealing with this kind of situation.

So I took note of the triggers of this sickness, and really began listening to my body. I found out that I needed to clock in at least eight hours of sleep every night (no ifs, ands, or buts), I needed to drink more than eight glasses of water a day, and I had to exercise regularly (for me lately its been 5x of Bikram yoga a week). My enemies are alcohol, salty food and loud music. So you can imagine how often I go out at night haha. Writing all night is also a no-no, and I used to do this A LOT. I usually stop myself when I am in the mood to write (its so difficult). I pick up a book instead until I fall asleep.

And so this new life has been sort of become a new chapter for me, and I am pretty happy. I am content staying at home and sleeping in because then I get to spend time with my husband and dog. I’ve learned to manage my time now, so I’ve been able to do more things, like learn how to cook, gardening (my basil babies have already begun to sprout) and driving. It is definitely a slower pace compared to the life I once had but it is all the more sweeter I think.

IMG_1128We really ought to take better care of ourselves. Work after all, is not everything. 


  1. amoresroy Reply

    Hi Kelly,

    Vertigo can also be due to food intolerance. I can provide list of food triggers based on your blood type.

    By the way, where can I deliver samples of our gluten-free cupcakes?

    Roy Amores

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Really? That’s very interesting. Can you please send me the list of food triggers as well as accompanying literature about it? I would love to know more about it. Regarding the delivery of gluten-free cupcakes, I will get back to you thru my email. Thank you, Roy!

      1. amoresroy Reply

        Hi Kelly,
        Sorry for the late reply…
        The food triggers are based on your blood type. Do you know your blood type? I can share literature specific to your blood type.
        For the meantime, avoid all products high in gluten such as wheat bread, pasta, cookies, cereals, pizza, donuts.
        Also, I’m waiting for your email re address where we can deliver samples of our gluten-free cupcakes.


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