Another year older, and hopefully wiser


It was my birthday two days ago, which explains why I took a little break from blogging. I spent my birthday doing absolutely nothing. It felt great to just lounge around, eat pizza and cake while watching my favorite movies (my husband got my faves for me: Clueless, She’s Out of Control, My Father The Hero, and My Stepmother’s an Alien). This was a welcome break for me, as these past few months have been unbelievably busy. I’ve had to work double time as I’ll be going on a long vacation very soon, which should make the extended working hours (including working weekends) worth it. And as I spent my birthday with my husband and dog, I realized something: I didn’t need a party, nor did I feel the need to celebrate. I am really getting older, because back then it was essential to plan a big birthday bash and invite lots of people. But now, I felt happy and content staying in and relaxing at home.

This past year taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I am only realizing this now, as I look back at the year that’s passed. A lot has changed since I’ve gotten married. There are just so many changes, both good and bad–mostly good, of course. These changes have shifted my perspective in life, as well as my priorities. I know this sounds like I’m just stating the obvious, but marriage changes everything (again, in a good way). It’s like things have become difficult, but life has become more fulfilling too. Of course, I am no expert, I am just basing it on my experiences from these past 10 months. I know, you long-time married ladies out there are probably thinking, “oh just wait, it gets better”, with a little smile on your faces. I am expecting things to get difficult, but I am also expecting a lot of great experiences and lessons. Though I keep thinking: if I feel like I’ve learned so much in the span of 10 months, I wonder how I would feel after 10 years haha.

And so after a lot of reflection and thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that the year that past was very good. It was balanced, I think. A great mix of good and bad experiences, peppered with amazing, unforgettable moments. I am unbelievably grateful for what’s happened, and I am looking forward to another year of blessings, challenges and adventures. For now, I like the idea of assessing the year that’s passed and listing down the things I’ve learned. I think this way I get to enumerate and appreciate all the good things that came my way, and reflect and learn from all the difficult moments.

Here are the lessons I learned when I was 31:

1.) I’ve come to realize which things are important to me, and how I shouldn’t take anything (or anyone) for granted.

2.) I’ve learned to be hardworking and industrious, but at the same time relax and let go when needed.

3.) I’ve learned to depend on someone with complete trust, while having to be depended on as well.

4.) I’ve learned to value time and effort, thus spending time to be better at things, while also turning down things I don’t want to do.

5.) I’ve learned to sacrifice and be patient for the sake of my family.

6.) I’ve learned that I cannot get everything I want, even if I do everything in my power to get it.

7.) I’ve learned to live in the moment, and not worry so much about the future.

8.) I’ve learned to drop petty fights and focus on the bigger picture.

9.) I’ve learned how to clean in record time.

10.) I’ve learned to scrimp and spend at the right time.

I feel good about these next 364 days (well, now its 363 days). I am looking forward to what’s to come next!

And again, THANK YOU to each and every person who greeted me in person, thru text/call, chat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All the kind words and well-wishes really helped make it a wonderful birthday.

  1. Cat Reply

    Great post, Kel!

    I know that humbling feeling of not getting everything you want despite doing everything in your power to get it. It must be our age! 😉

    Patience was a virtue I had to learn a few years ago. And the saying, “if it’s meant for you, it’ll happen.” helps. 🙂

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Thanks Cat! 🙂 Glad to know we’re going through similar experiences. Being patient is not my strongest suit, but I try to be anyway.

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